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Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe

Innovation Showcase

The Fujitsu Innovation Gathering is the annual showcase for Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe, bringing together its latest advanced technologies and innovative solutions for a unique one-day event.
Held alongside the Fujitsu World Tour, the Fujitsu Innovation Gathering offers the opportunity to see many of Fujitsu’s latest technologies – often for the first time in Europe, illustrating how Fujitsu is applying its R&D expertise to address important social issues. Combining an extensive demonstration with thought-provoking presentations, the focus for 2017 is on Digital Co-Creation in the context of Human Centric Innovation.

The 5th Fujitsu Innovation Gathering - coming to Berlin for 2017

This year’s event is taking place on 23rd May in Berlin alongside the Fujitsu World Tour, at the historic landmark venue, STATION-Berlin, located in the heart of Germany’s capital city.
The line-up of ground-breaking demonstrations includes:
  • Artificial Intelligence advances
    • including deep learning and data analytics solutions for security, finance, transport, manufacturing and healthcare
  • Human Centric Innovation
    • Including RoboPin mediator robot that connects people with ICT
    • Workplace transformation with the latest digitalized creative workspace technology
The agenda includes a keynote dialogue with Fujitsu Laboratories’ CEO Shigeru Sasaki, and breakout sessions on Security and Artificial Intelligence, alongside the comprehensive Fujitsu World Tour schedule.

Fujitsu Innovation Gathering 2016 FIG 2016 FRANCE photo IMG_3329

2016: Paris Celebrates Innovation with the 4th Annual Fujitsu Innovation Gathering

Fujitsu Innovation Gathering 2015 FIG15

2015 marked the 3rd Fujitsu Innovation Gathering, organised by Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe this year in conjunction with Fujitsu Spain.