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CSR Strategy

CSR Strategy

Our approach focuses on issues local to the UK and Ireland while integrating the visions and values of the Fujitsu Group. The resulting action plan is built on five pillars which embody the key issues, risks and potential impacts identified by stakeholders. Each pillar is supported by a team of individuals experienced in managing issues that impact both the organisation and the wider community.

The 5 pillars of Fujitsu UK & Ireland CSR



Reduce the environmental impact of Fujitsu and its customers through both ‘Of IT’ and ‘By IT’ initiatives. Be an environmentally sustainable organisation, widely acknowledged as a leading Green IT company. More Details >>


Ensure a safe working environment in all our operations, taking responsible steps to protect the health and safety of employees and others from risks in the working environment. Comply with all health and safety laws and go beyond regulation where there is a need to do so. More Details >>


Promote a ‘healthy lifestyle’ culture across the organisation, helping to create a healthy and engaged workforce. More Details >>


Respect people regardless of their background, ensuring equal opportunities for everyone. Our policies enable us to reflect today’s multi-cultural society and the changing social and economic patterns in the workforce. Through our supply chain, we provide opportunities for a wide and diverse range of suppliers to compete for all our procurement needs. More Details >>

Social Action

Develop mutually beneficial partnerships with both national and local organisations in the third sector, through which we can provide both voluntary and monetary support. Use our IT expertise to deliver value to organisations and communities for the benefit of society at large.
More Details >>