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FUJITSU Server BS2000

The BS2000 innovation platform

Enterprise systems require maximum data and application availability; excellent economic viability is also essential. A system must be designed and monitored in such a way that a one-off fault does not bring the entire system to a standstill. These prerequisites are ideally met by the products in the FUJITSU Server BS2000 family and the corresponding operating system.

FUJITSU Server BS2000 – SE infrastructure

Fujitsu's completely redeveloped FUJITSU Server BS2000 SE series now offers a server infrastructure consisting of three server lines. This SE infrastructure umbrella covers various usage scenarios in a wide range of combinations for both mainframe and applications as used in the open world.

This new platform has excellent scale-up and scale-out performance features, ensuring that users can manage their application workloads quickly whichever technology is involved and can also do so efficiently and reliably. An important objective in developing the SE series was a standardized management concept which offers the customer clear added-value thanks to the very high degree of integration and very economic IT operations.

The new SE server line is the successor to the proven S and SQ server line, optimally integrating the advantages of both lines. The heart of the E series is the /390-based server units, the x86-based server units, the net unit (NU) and the management unit (MU). All components are integrated in a 19” standard rack and are sent to the customer on a "ready-to-use" basis.

The new SE series generation with its newly developed processors provide much greater system performance, extended configuration options, high-level availability and - last but not least - a significant reduction in power consumption.

FUJITSU Server BS2000 – S series and SQ series

The portfolio of FUJITSU Server BS2000 S series with the proven /390 architecture with its servers S175 and S210 is still available. Top mono-processor performance and excellent scaling are ideal prerequisites for IT consolidation. Their high levels of flexibility and stability mean that they are ideal for supporting service-oriented architectures (SOA).

The current SQ210 server line based on the high-end Intel® x86 technology powerful BS2000 server systems are available in the entry-level and medium performance range. The SQ server line is an extremely economic platform when using BS2000/OSD on the powerful innovation high-end x86 technology which enables co-existence scenarios for BS2000/OSD, LINUX and WINDOWS customer applications.

Grow without changing

The excellent multi-processor features and the associated enormous system scaling – currently from 12 to 5,000 RPF 1) - guarantee growth into the high-end range without having to change the system. The introduction of the new SE series greatly increases the performance range even more.

1)RPF = Relative Performance Factor (1 RPF ~ 1.5 MIPS)

FUJITSU Server BS2000 SE700 FUJITSU Server BS2000 SE700

The SE server with top-level performance and flexibility for the simultaneous operation of several operating systems based on /390 architecture and high-end Intel x86 technology.

FUJITSU Server BS2000 SE500 FUJITSU Server BS2000 SE500

The SE server in the medium-performance range with the same advantages as in the high-end line SE700.

FUJITSU Server BS2000 SE300 FUJITSU Server BS2000 SE300

The SE server for the entry-level and medium performance range for the simultaneous operation of several operating systems exclusively based on high-end Intel x86 technology, but with the same benefits regarding manageability, integration, flexibility and availability.

FUJITSU Server BS2000 S210 FUJITSU Server BS2000 S210

Use the S210 to simplify the IT infrastructure making it more transparent and lower your Total Cost of Ownership.

FUJITSU Server BS2000 S175 FUJITSU Server BS2000 S175

The perfect choice for Data Center applications where efficiency, flexibility and availability are extremely important.

FUJITSU Server BS2000 SQ210 FUJITSU Server BS2000 SQ210

The Mainframe-Server with high flexibility for the simultaneous operation of multiple system platforms based on high-end Intel x86 technology.