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Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC)

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Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC)

Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC)
The Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) manages many activities on behalf of the UK’s 22 Train Operating Companies (TOCs) in order to improve the planning, operation, delivery and marketing of rail services. One of ATOC’s four operating companies, Rail Settlement Plan Ltd (RSP), is responsible for the distribution of fare and timetable data and the allocation and settlement of rail revenue totalling nearly £5 billion a year.

ATOC agreed a five year, £13 million deal with Fujitsu to refresh, enhance and streamline the hardware and applications technology used by RJIS, so that it could be supported until at least 2014. It also had to have the capacity to handle an increase in workload, largely driven by a massive growth in online sales (25% year-on-year) and greater use of Ticket-on-Departure vending-style machines used to collect ticket.

Given the scale and complexity of the RJIS application, Fujitsu had to utilise an extensive range of technical and project management skills in order to manage every aspect of its performance. This includes the hardware, datacentre operations, network infrastructure and application services ranging from design and testing through to release, change control and ongoing management.

Download the 'Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC)' case study PDF [119 KB]


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