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Production Control System

PRONES supports whole factory operations

Presently the Manufacturing Industry needs a flexible and scalable Manufacturing Control System that produces "required products of required quantities when required". PRONES is a Manufacturing Control System which takes Seiban and MRP control methods. PRONES makes you keep delivery dates to your clients without exception while reducing the risk of purchase and prevention of Dead Stocks. These things make you control manufacturing products properly. PRONES also integrates information of Design Division and Manufacturing Division making your work more efficient.

  • Manufacturing Control System based on Seiban Control Method
  • Using MRP methods, PRONES is applicable to various production models, PRONES can be adaptable if you takes multiple production models
  • PRONES is suitable for producing models of Chemical/Process industries because PRONES has functions for both BOM and Batch Mix
  • You can respond to claims quickly by using Production History (Lot Trace Inquiry) of Inventory/Production of products which have Lot Numbers
  • Efficient Integration and Analysis of data is possible by integrating to data warehouse
  • PRONES can be operated on Multi-platforms

PRONES also offer you features like: adaptable to various Production Models and Control Methods, control of integrated Manufacturing Technology Information of Design and Manufacturing Division, PRONES has Cost Control Function which is adaptable to each production model, PRONES can be adaptable to many industries (Assembly/Process Industries, Food Industries, Chemical Industries), PRONES supports globalized industries, various options and integration products, solid supporting system, and plenty experience of introducing PRONES.

For more detail, please contact Fujitsu Systems Business (Thailand) Ltd. Tel.+66 (0) 2500-1500

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