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FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY Long Lifecycle (LLC) Versions

At Fujitsu, we know what challenges data center operators and decision makers can be confronted with. On the one hand side, IT infrastructures need to be up-to-date to fulfill all daily tasks in the desired time with high performance and reliability requiring for constant upgrade and replacement of older systems, on the other hand side, applications seek for continuity in terms of hardware and firmware platform to operate smoothly.

Qualifying new hardware can sometimes be an obstacle to purchase new server systems, i.e. in medical environments, telecommunication or power plant IT. Sometimes, software requires components or operating systems that might not be supported in future. Or long-lasting roll-outs in both, public and private institutions or fixed shopping baskets and certain SLA agreements can require for a longer-term availability of servers.

Good to know that Fujitsu offers selected models as a long lifecycle version. With an extended availability of up to 5 years, optimized configurations are supported and guaranteed – including maintenance, service and spare part availability.