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The ultimate one-stop shop for multi-service providers.

Today's fast-moving telecoms market is driven by fierce competition, mergers and acquisitions, converging technologies and the boom in customer demand for new mobile internet services.

Telecoms service providers play a key role in the business and consumer digital revolution. They provide the networks and the customer interface; they are also expected to add value by providing new services such as aggregation and distribution of content and application sharing over networks. In an environment where growth and revenue are phenomenal, your choice of revenue management systems is a vital aspect of your competitive strategy.

The prevalent of IP as a transport protocol and the rise in the number of mobile subscribers, particularly prepay, means that your revenue is now derived not only from traditional voice, but, increasingly, from data and video transmission. You must manage this revenue effectively. Clearly your revenue management systems must be able to adapt to this new mobile and internet world. They must handle, in near real-time, not only call records, but also other billable activities or events, such as downloading a video or buying a book on-line. Very soon they will also need to be able to bill for content, and to handle royalty payments to content owners.

These are exactly the type of revenue management solutions that Fujitsu can offer you. Scope of services marrying breadth of applications: a unique offering to the market.

Our technology delivers its maximum value for our customers when we implement it in the context of our market knowledge and we deploy our wide range of services. Fujitsu offers you a unique combination of consulting services, global systems integration capability, with both local and global support.

Business and technology consultancy

We use our knowledge of the telecoms industry, IT and the digital economy, to help our customers develop the business case for change and successfully introduce new systems and business processes to exploit the e-World for competitive advantage.

Systems integration and development

We create flexible solutions suited to our customer's specific requirements. Over the years we have built a reputation of delivering large scale projects involving complex technology and multiple parties within limited risks and timescales demanded in today's dynamic marketplace. We work in partnership with our customers and this is the key to our success.


As part of our end-to-end solutions we provide training, round the clock support and maintenance, upgrade and user group services. The Fujitsu Group of Company has 180,000 staff around the world. We also many strategic partnerships. This allows us to offer these services on a global basis.