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Conferencing Solution

In today's economy, speed and timeliness are the two most important success factors in meeting the needs of a dynamic market environment. Speed in decision-making and timeliness when launching products, services or measures, give companies the competitive advantage over their competitors. With modern technology, scheduled meetings are no longer confined to face-to-face interaction.

Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd (FAPL) and First Virtual Communications (FVC), a pioneer in developing video and web conferencing solutions, are jointly offering a Rich Multimedia Web Conferencing solution that utilizes the latest technology to enable multi-point conferencing to be scheduled and held without leaving your home or office. This solution also facilitates multi-meeting sessions to be scheduled and conducted through a central conferencing server, therefore allowing savings on travel costs, yet the reliability of high quality video, voice and data.

Multi-Media Conferencing Solution

Scalable and Affordable

We provide the best of both worlds, Web Conferencing and Video Conferencing in a single application by offering the simplest, most innovative, scalable and affordable way to conduct meetings over IP-based networks.


The Multimedia Conferencing Solution offers the best features of traditional Video Conferencing and Web Collaboration, as well as:

  • allowing organizations of all sizes to communicate and co-ordinate not only internally, but also with customers, suppliers, business partners, colleagues and associates around the globe
  • utilizing the existing computers and network infrastructure
  • enabling group and personal communication at their office desk with instant access to data
  • data collaboration with full interactive audio and video in a single application, with the options of virtual conference rooms, directory based or scheduled meetings
  • seamlessly including all other types of legacy video conferencing equipment into a conference
  • providing a complete environment for web conferencing, including presentations, interactive desktop audio and video, instant messaging, streaming, instant and scheduled conferencing and control and integration of any existing room-based video conferencing system
Product Logo

Product Range

  • Click to Meet Express
  • Click to Meet Premier
  • Click to Meet Select

Solution Offer

The Multi-Media Conferencing Solution consists of a Conference Server, software based multi-point control unit (MCU), and "Click to Meet" web, a flexible web-based desktop videoconferencing client technology.

The solution works hand-in-hand to provide maximum flexibility, seamless integration, and scalability, in combination with outstanding performance, reliability, and features.

For small enterprise, "Click to Meet Express" the minimum entry level of 4 concurrent users scalable to 100 concurrent users.

For medium and large enterprise "Click to Meet Premier" the minimum entry of 25 concurrent users with maximum 200 registered users. It is scalable to 150 concurrent users with maximum 3000 registered users.

For enterprise that need to integrate with legacy conferencing system "Click to Meet Select" minimum entry of 10 concurrent users with 200 registered users. It is scalable to 25 concurrent users with 250 registered users.

System Requirement

Conference Server

  • 800 MHz PIII processor, Intel-based PC for up to 25 users
  • Dual 1.26 GHz PIII processor, Intel-based PC, for up to 150 users
  • Quad 1.5 Xeon GHz processor for up to 200 users
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server with Service Pack 3 (or higher)
  • Minimum 384 MB of RAM
  • Minimum 120 MB of Hard Disk space
  • 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet LAN Controller

Client Desktop

Click to Meet Express and Web Endpoint support only Microsoft Operating Systems and Applications. The requirements are listed below:

  • Microsoft Windows 98, Second Edition and above
  • FVC Web Endpoint software
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 5.5 and above
  • Microsoft NetMeeting 3.0, Service Pack 2 or later
  • Digital USB, Firewire, or Analog (color) Video Camera
  • Video Capture Card (for analog cameras) and Drivers (if needed)
  • Microphone
  • Speakers or Headset
  • Sound Card and Drivers (if needed)