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Billing Solutions


Omniware redefines the new generation of billing systems with its flagship product Omnibill®. The advanced software architecture provides an elegant, flexible solution, currently leveraged by Bell Canada for its national VoIP and WiMAX service offerings. Clients gain a huge competitive advantage from a rapid implementation and an ability to create new and attractive plans in just a matter of hours. Omnibill's strength is to bill for any type of service from any industry, be it real-time or batch, in-advance or post-paid. Supported services include: Mobile (GSM, CDMA), Digital Content (Advertising, Video, Music), Broadband (WiMAX, Municipal WiFi, DSL, Cable), IP Services (VoIP, IPTV) and Utilities (smart metering, sub-metering), all of which can be consolidated on one bill to the customer. Omnibill® beats out its competition by being an ultra-fast, ultra-flexible product that can be deployed and maintained at a fraction of the cost of its rivals, yet out-delivers in terms of functionality and time-to-market.


Highly adaptable and flexible system

  • bill for multiple services
  • get a consolidated invoice with cross-industry and cross-service charges
  • change rate plans on the fly
  • use a simple web-portal interface for both customers and customer service reps

Impressive processing power

  • process as many as 600 million events rated per month per CPU
  • bill and invoice for as many as 16 million accounts per month per CPU

Support for large and small companies

  • host, support and run your billing at our data centre or install Omnibill® at your site
  • integrate Omnibill® into your existing OSS suite easily

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