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Fujitsu – managing risk and cost

managing risk and cost
White book of managing Hybrid IT (PDF 1MB)

Using Hybrid IT to remain secure and compliant

Migrating to the cloud can offer your organisation significant business benefits such as increased agility and flexibility, rapid deployment of new services and improved customer engagement. However, switching to a cloud based platform is not entirely complexity and risk free.

Questions of how to ensure that governance is not compromised, security is not breached and that the solutions offered are within budget, must be addressed if you are to effectively harness the power of cloud computing.

If your cloud journey has been hampered by concerns over security and cost, Fujitsu can provide you with the answers you need to overcome these fears. Our Hybrid IT model strikes a perfect balance between innovation, security, delivery and cost.

Find out how Fujitsu can help your organisation to remain secure, compliant and within budget.Open a new window

Why choose Fujitsu?

We have vast expertise and experience in helping organisations transition to the cloud, and have security accreditations that we are proud to say are second to none.

  • Our data centers are certified to Uptime Institute’s Tier III.
  • We ensure that systems are managed securely but with flexibility, to allow you to place your data within a specific country or region.
  • Our Application Migration Factory ensures that your services and data are migrated safely to the cloud.
  • We have global partnerships with Oracle Cloud, Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and more.
  • To mitigate the risk and cost of change we integrate and manage our partner ecosystems and our own cloud services alongside non-cloud services.
Contact Fujitsu to find out more about how we can help you safely migrate to a hybrid cloud platform.