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Managing a Hybrid IT environment

Managing a hybrid IT environment
White book of managing Hybrid IT (PDF 1MB)

Maximising the Cloud

Cloud computing is not just a passing phase, it’s become a pivotal platform for internal processes and external customer propositions. Globally organisations are starting to make extensive use of cloud technology, and this is increasingly in the form of a Hybrid IT model which integrates in-house systems with private and public cloud.

When implementing a cloud based model, you will need to review your organisations’ approach to end-to-end service management and service integration. This is particularly necessary when adopting a hybrid model, where public and private cloud systems are merged along with other non-cloud applications.

Read our guide to managing cloud and Hybrid ITOpen a new window

Fujitsu - integrating and managing your Hybrid IT landscape

At Fujitsu we are experts in Hybrid IT, and we understand the importance of developing a unified management model for cloud and non-cloud services.

We can help you overcome the complexities involved in integrating and managing cloud alongside your existing in-house systems. Our expertise and experience of Hybrid IT services enables us to effectively resolve the data, systems and service integration issues which can arise.

Why choose Hybrid IT from Fujitsu?

With over 5,000 large scale global implementations no one does Hybrid IT as well as us.

  • We identify and resolve the issues that arise through managing and integrating multiple cloud solutions into existing IT systems.
  • We develop an effective strategy to enable you to manage performance, security and cost.
  • We develop new solutions for the integration and management of your cloud portfolio.

At Fujitsu we believe that Hybrid IT offers organisations more than cloud, we develop solutions that enable you to:

  • Use cloud technology as a platform for innovation
  • Ensure your systems are user friendly
  • Safeguard your data
  • Keep costs to a minimum

Find out how Fujitsu Hybrid IT can benefit your organisation