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Hybrid IT services

Hybrid It Services
White book of managing Hybrid IT (PDF 1MB)

Improving user and business productivity

A major goal of Fujitsu’s Hybrid IT is to increase business and user productivity. There are many ways in which our Hybrid IT services can do this, such as by:

  • Allowing you to retain appropriate operational and governance control
  • Enhancing business user mobility through applications, services and information, which are made available at any time, in any place and on any device.
  • Empowering end users to order and manage their own portfolio of IT services

Fujitsu offers a simplified standard contract that can allow your organisation access to multiple cloud platforms through a single document.

Through the effective management of multiple cloud services, contracts and relationships, we enable you to make significant productivity gains.

With our ability to provide high performance connectivity and end-to-end managed networks, we can free up your organisation to focus fully on business innovation and not on managing IT complexity.

Find out more about how Hybrid IT can help your organisation to increase productivity.

Fujitsu’s Hybrid IT model enables increased productivity

At Fujitsu we have had vast experience helping organisations around the globe with their journey to the cloud. We believe that our Hybrid IT services can empower your organisation by:

  • Increasing user productivity with the effective integration of apps
  • Allowing users faster access to services
  • Improving agility
  • Reducing costs
Discover how we have enabled our customers to increase their business agility, flexibility and productivity.