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The Hybrid IT Model

Hybrid It Model
White book of managing Hybrid IT (PDF 1MB)

Business enablement and growth

Today’s digitally enabled and networked global market-places, offer organisations world-wide unprecedented opportunities to scale and grow. Those businesses that have already migrated to the cloud and adopted a Hybrid IT model, have gained significant competitive advantage. They’ve been given the agility to rapidly deploy new services, improve customer engagement and offer consistent service delivery.

Growth for some organisations has been rapid. In the last few years there have been many billion dollar start-ups which have been created at lightning speed. Organisations have experienced growth through expansion into new countries and markets, which has created the need for on-demand, scalable, pay-as-you-go IT services.

For some, growth has come via digital transformation, which has enabled organisations to speed up time to market with new products, and has improved collaboration between customers, suppliers and partners.

For others, including public sector bodies, growth has been possible through improved data analytics and better availability of information. The result has been the ability to deliver services more efficiently and effectively, which has been of enormous benefit to users.

Fujitsu – enabling you to maximise the benefits of cloud

At Fujitsu we are experts in Hybrid IT. Our portfolio of partner cloud services, means we are perfectly placed to ensure your organisation leverages cloud effectively.

Our ability to deploy tools such as Fujitsu’S RunMyProcess, enables you to abstract business processes and readily adopt newly developed technology such as IOT (Internet of things) and wearables.

Nobody does Hybrid IT better than us. Our experience has shown us that a well-managed Hybrid IT infrastructure is the best way to future-proof your organisation, and keep pace with ever changing business needs.

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