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Fujitsu recommends Windows.

Windows 8 Installation Guide

Pre-Upgrade Installation Steps

To ensure a smooth Windows 8 upgrade experience, please complete the following checklist before proceeding with the Upgrade:-

  1. Login your computer with system administrator permissions

    Please sign in your computer using an account with system administrator permissions.

  2. Connect to the internet

    Please connect your computer to the internet before commencing on the upgrade. (ISP fees might apply)
    ** Wired connection is recommended.

  3. Connect your computer to an AC Power

    Your computer MUST be powered into an AC Power point before the upgrade.

  4. Update Windows components and software

    We recommend users to apply all important Windows updates via the “Windows Update” before proceeding to upgrade. Please update all applications, including the anti-virus software.

    **For Norton Internet Security, please select “New version Check” to ensure that the latest version is installed.
  5. Backup hard disk data

    We recommend users to perform a full backup of your files in case upgrade procedure fails. Please backup all your important data and save them in a safe location before the upgrade. The following list is a few suggestions on how to backup your critical data safely:
    • Copy the important data into a network folder
    • Burn the data into a CD or DVD
    • Backup to an external storage (such as a hard drive or USB thumb drive)
    **Fujitsu is not liable for any data loss in the upgrade process.

  6. Burn Windows 7 Recovery Media

    We recommend users to burn the System Recovery DVDs before performing any upgrade action. Please ensure that you have a copy of the Recovery Boot Disc, Factoy Image Disc & Application Disc. User may use the Recovery Media Set in case they want to revert back the system to Windows 7. However, all user data will be lost after the reverse process.

    Based on your model(s), please refer to below link for downloading the MyRecovery Guide applicable to your machine. My Recovery Guide Download Link:

  7. Clearance of Security Passwords

    Please remember to clear the necessary security passwords before the upgrade, such as the list below:
    • BIOS Setup Passwords (Master / User)
    • BIOS Hard Disk Passwords (Master / User)
    • Security Panel Passwords (Supervisor / User)
    • Windows User Passwords
    **If necessary, please backup your Omnipass profile

  8. Download Windows 8 Drivers,Utilities, Firmware and Documentation

    Please visit for the updated Windows 8 drivers,utilities, firmware and documentation.

    Please save them to an external media, such as a portable hard disk drive (HDD), to prepare for your Windows 8 clean / upgrade installation.

  9. Firmware Upgrade

    We recommend users to apply the latest firmware version before performing any Windows 8 upgrade.

    Please refer to the Fujitsu drivers support website – for the updated firmware release. During BIOS upgrade process, please read and follow the on-screen instructions carefully before proceeding.

  10. Software Utility and Drivers Un-installation Procedure

    Depending on the hardware configuration, please uninstall the following applications, drivers, and utilities:-
    • WIDCOMM Bluetooth software
    • FJ Camera
    • Fujitsu Auto Rotation Utility
    • Fujitsu Display Manager
    • FUJ02B1 Device Driver
    • Fujitsu Hotkey Utility
    • FUJ02E3 Device Driver
    • Fujitsu System Extension Utility
    • ISD Tablet for Wacom Digitizer
    • Fujitsu Button Utility
    • Fujitsu System Manager
    • Microsoft Office 2010 Starter
    • Nortorn Internet Security
    • Power Saving Utility
    • Pointing Device Utility
    • Shock Sensor Utility
    • Sierra Wireless QMI Driver Package
    • Sierra Wireless Air Watcher
    • Update Navi

    Please proceed to the Control Panel > Programs and Features to uninstall the software listed above.

    For the un-installation of the FUJ02E3 and FUJ02B1, please proceed to the Control Panel > System > Device Manager. Click the ‘System Device’ icon and select the FUJ02E3 and FUJ02B1 device drivers to uninstall.

    After un-installing the software, please reboot the system.

    New device prompt boxes would appear when the device drivers are uninstalled. Please click CANCEL and proceed to step 11.

  11. Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant

    Download and run the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant. A report of all known system, device, and program compatibility issues and recommended solutions will be provided after running the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant.

    To check the application status on Windows 8, please search the application name(s) under Windows Compatibility Center for status details.

  12. Removal of drivers and applications that may have issues with Windows 8

    Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant will generate a report of the devices and applications that have compatibility issues with Windows 8. Simply follow the recommended solutions to uninstall the drivers and applications or update the device drivers after the upgrade. Please note that some (bundled) applications do not work on Windows 8.

Please read the following sections for the respective installation types and procedures: