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Fujitsu recommends Windows.


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Enhanced Productivity in the Office or on the Move
Take it where you please, with ease. The LIFEBOOK SH782 is made of light and sturdy Magnesium alloy casing. Weighing only 1.31kg and measuring a slim 19.9mm, it offers you unmatched mobility and convenience. Choose from a variety of colour options, whether in red, ebony white or matte black, the LIFEBOOK SH782 will never be short on style.
Slim Mobility & Human Centric Features
Deal with the most demanding tasks effortlessly. The LIFEBOOK SH782 is equipped with 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processor and Intel® Core™ i7 processor to give you outstanding computing power. The combination HDD + SSD also makes it work two times faster than just HDD installed. With an extra 3,000 points in its PCMark Vantage overall score, you are sure to enjoy perfect reliability with the LIFEBOOK SH782.
* with Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and Weight Saver option
High Flexibility
Whether reducing weight or expanding storage, the LIFEBOOK SH782 lets you customise according to your specific needs. Use the Weight Saver to reduce weight whenever the optical drive is not required. Extend power with the Modular Bay Battery. Get more storage by attaching an additional HDD Kit. You can even use the Dual Layer DVD Super Multi Writer or Blu-ray Writer to read and store more data.
Maximum Security and Expandability
Optimise usage with long-running power. The LIFEBOOK SH782 can perform effectively up to 15 hours with the extra Modular Bay Battery, that’s equivalent to flying from HK to LA at a single charge! No need to carry an AC adaptor, which takes off around 200g of load, an essential when you want to travel light.
Energy Efficiency with Green Technologies
Safeguard all your precious data while on the go. Enhanced security in the LIFEBOOK SH782 incorporates various security features via TPM. With TPM, you can enjoy the security features for encryption and attacks to protect your data from unauthorised access.