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Wireless Blue Optical Mouse (NEW)

Wireless Blue Optical Mouse

1.Blue LED technology  
- Provides remarkable tracking on virtually any surface
2. Long range reliable wireless control  
- Delivers a stable connection with up to 90 ft from your computer
3. Ergonomic Design  
- With rubber grips providing extra comfort and precision
4.Micro Transceiver
- Simply plugs the micro transceiver into the USB port and ready to go
5. ON/OFF switch
-Saves battery power by turning your mouse off when not in use


Order No.
HLMSE0025A-01 Black (Blister packed)
HLMSE0025B-01 White (Blister packed)
HLMSE0025C-01 Red (Blister packed)
HLMSE0025D-01 Pink (Blister packed)