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Essential data protection for today’s digital lifestyle gives Fujitsu customers true peace of mind

Why let accidents cause you to lose your precious data? We all need innovative and advanced new technology to protect us from the rough and tumble of life. Enter Fujitsu’s latest shock sensor utility, the new must-have feature for all notebook PC users.

Created with consumers’ needs in mind, this brand new utility endeavours to prolong the notebook’s hard disk drive (HDD) lifespan as well as prevent unnecessary and potentially expensive data loss. The comprehensive shock sensor monitors movement from three axes: front-to-back, side-to-side, and up-and-down for maximum security. The accelerometer inside select Fujitsu LifeBook and Stylistic constantly senses for any sudden movement, including free falls, excessive vibration, or sudden impacts.


In addition, the shock sensor has the ability to prevent theft as it automatically locks your LifeBook when sudden movement is detected. Without your Microsoft Windows log-in password, the next user will not be able to gain access to your LifeBook.

The shock sensor utility comes with a full range of customizable options to ensure this feature is only activated when desired. While no substitute for a full and regular backup of all digital data, the shock sensor gives users the reassurance that a simple accident won’t ruin their digital day.

How the shock sensor works

In the event of sudden impact to the notebook, for example, accidentally dropping it onto the floor, the shock sensor is activated while the notebook is falling to quickly retract the read-write head of the HDD away from the disk platters, thereby preventing the HDD from being scratched and avoiding any loss of or damage to the information being stored. The diagram on the following page gives a visual explanation of the process at work.

Figure 1When LifeBook is in use, data is read and written by the read-write head.
Figure 2When movement is detected, the read-write head is immediately retracted.
Figure 3Upon impact, the retracted read-write head does not scratch the hard disk. Precious data is protected.

Sensitivity settings

To ensure the shock sensor works reliably as a protective measure, instead of needlessly interrupting the user, Fujitsu has ensured that the shock sensor can be easily calibrated to the user’s desired level of sensitivity.

To accomplish this, an advanced acceleration sensor that measures sensitivity for impact, horizontal movement and when being carried around is in place. In addition, users can choose from three simple sensitivity settings depending on the stability of their workstations and work situations.

  1. Sensitive – This setting ensures the notebook is at its highest sensitivity to system motion or impact at all times.
  2. Normal – This setting is best used when a notebook is used in stable conditions, such as on a desk.
  3. Mobile – This setting is designed notebooks is used in unstable conditions, such as during mobile use, where no steady and flat surfaces are available or are used for very long periods of time.

Useful options to further prevent unnecessary disruption

Fujitsu understands that technology is designed to make our lives easier, not disrupt it with unnecessary alerts. The shock sensor utility is intelligent, and has the ability to easily cope with changing user demands as required. Three optional features make this possible:

  1. Ignore minor vibration: If vibration negligible, the shock sensor can be calibrated to flatten or ignore it, while still maintaining full responsiveness to an actual drop or fall. This allows users to access their notebooks on stable moving vehicles, for example, in cars, on trains, and other modes of transportation.
  2. Ignore mouse click: When the mouse is clicked, the sensitivity of the sensitivity of shock sensor is temporarily lowered.
  3. Ignore keyboard action: Likewise, when the keyboard is used, the sensitivity of shock sensor is temporarily lowered to ensure smooth operation.

With today’s digital data being more voluminous and irreplaceable than ever, breakthrough in data protection technologies is an essential element in the arsenal of today’s mobile worker. Fujitsu shock sensor utility presents the next step in optimum work environment, ensuring an ever safer and more reliable HDD protection whenever and wherever you require it.