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  4. Fujitsu LifeBook T4220 – the superior full-featured convertible tablet PC for all your needs

Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific

Fujitsu LifeBook T4220 – the superior full-featured convertible tablet PC for all your needs

Be part of Fujitsu’s tablet PC revolution and stay true to your mobile lifestyle with no compromise on elegance and reliability. The LifeBook T4220 promises power and durability as well as a new platform to better serve your needs and enhance your productivity.

Asia Pacific, May 22, 2007 —  Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific today proudly unveils the LifeBook T4220 – a 12.1-inch full-featured convertible tablet PC - aimed at mobile professionals, students and workers in vertical industries like healthcare. The successor to the LifeBook T4215 strives to achieve much more with less and at the best price.

Weighing less than 2 kilograms, this powerhouse caters to the rising demand for faster processing clout. Running on the new Intel platform, the LifeBook T4220 provides greater and a more seamless performance. Its sensational bi-directional hinge is a convenient tool for executives like insurance agents or students, who constantly need to make presentations or draw up documents. Having innovated this concept with the LifeBook T4215, its descendant, the LifeBook T4220 is ready to trail blaze the way again with a screen that can swing both ways. All you have to do each time you need to share data with a potential client, classmate or teacher, is to just swivel your screen in the direction they’re seated. No more hassle of re-arranging seating positions or twisting your torso for better clarity and visuals.

This traditionally-sized tablet PC also comes equipped with a hot swappable modular bay, giving you the option of either shaving off weight or adding in a second battery for longer battery life. Such flexibility is perfect for users who’re always out and about and who won’t have the time or outlet to recharge the batteries on the tablet PC. It also means carrying around the LifeBook T4220 won’t be a tedious and back breaking process.

Another outstanding feature of this device is its security buttons. Understanding that mobile professionals like yourselves crave the need for privacy and secrecy when it comes to work information or client database, built-in safety measures like BIOS Lock, Hard Disk Lock, LifeBook Lock, Smartcard Support and Anti-Theft Lock slot bar prying eyes from any confidential information. And with one swipe of your finger, you have instant access to your data, thanks to the Fingerprint Recognition Technology.

For those careless moments when you drop or knock your tablet PC against a wall, or even in times of excessive vibration, fret not about losing important data or damaging your LifeBook T4220 as it comes with a 3-axis shock sensor that will greatly diminish the possibility of damage to the hard disk and content. How does it work? Well, once it detects imminent force, the read-write head is safely parked, hence eliminating the chance of it impacting the spinning hard disk plate. Definitely a reason to cheer about!

“Fujitsu’s range of tablet PCs has been much lauded for its performance, mobility and control. Our range has been widely used and accepted within the region, especially by consumers in the education and healthcare sector. By introducing the LifeBook T4220 to the market, we reaffirm our stand in producing practical and dependable products that meet the needs of our consumers. In other words, our products can handle just about anything!” says Ms Myrchelle Ng, Associate Director, Marketing Communications.

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