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Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Witness the tablet PC evolution with Fujitsu

Stay ahead of the race with Fujitsu’s comprehensive range of tablet-based computing companions and surprise yourself by achieving new levels of productivity!

Singapore, 7 November 2006 — Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific today proudly announces three new tablet PC models offering new levels of performance, mobility and control for virtually any consumer, business or vertical application.

From the ultra-portable LifeBook P1610, to the classic clamshell LifeBook T4215, and the highly mobile slate-based Stylistic ST5111/12, Fujitsu has the right tablet-based solution for your needs. Amidst the evolutions and advancements of technology, Fujitsu’s hallmark elegance and reliability stand firm, instilling in each of our valued customers a sense of pleasure in owning a high quality and stylish tablet PC.

The LifeBook P1610

Hot on the trails of its award-winning predecessor, the new LifeBook P1610 is set to be another winner in the ultra-portable tablet PC sector. This hardly comes as a surprise, considering that the ultra-svelte one-kilogram fashion statement is also intelligently designed to fit the lifestyle of mobile trendsetters.

With a display of 8.9 inches, this new LifeBook now comes with a WXGA transflective LCD suitable for any lighting environment, indoors and out. The touch screen display allows control via the complementary stylus or your fingertip, providing the perfect combination of easy navigation and pen input to make this impressive machine even more functional.

A truly versatile machine, consumers can choose to use it as a normal notebook or convert it into a tablet PC simply by swiveling the screen around in either direction thanks to the convenient bi-directional hinge. The LifeBook P1610 is so stylish and adaptable, you will need to remind yourself that you are not just toting around a style icon, but also a powerful ultra-portable that lets you achieve more from virtually anywhere.

The LifeBook T4215

For those who need a more traditionally-sized notebook computer which retains all the benefits of the tablet-enhanced mobile lifestyle, this is for you: the full-featured Intel® Centrino® Core™2 Duo LifeBook T4215.

Following the successful release of the innovative LifeBook T4210, this 12.1-inch refreshed tablet PC model caters to consumers with an ever-increasing demand for higher processing powers, especially in the business and education sectors. With speeds of up to 2.16GHz, you can now do more with less. Create a dynamic Microsoft PowerPoint™ presentation while burning a large file onto CD or DVD, or work on a complex spreadsheet while virus protection runs in the background, without slowing down or consuming more energy than you normally would.

Naturally, as is the case for all Fujitsu computing companions, attention to detail is important. The LifeBook T4215 comes equipped with a hot swappable modular bay that allows you the flexibility of shaving off weight or adding in an extra battery to increase battery life while on the move. An industry-leading bi-directional hinge first seen on the LifeBook T4210 caters for convenient screen-sharing in any situation. You will even enjoy improved VoIP experiences with the integrated dual digital array microphones, letting you clearly and seamlessly stay connected with colleagues and family whenever you desire.

The Stylistic ST5112 and ST5111

To fulfill the needs of particular vertical business segments that require lightweight tablet PCs in a slate form factor, the Stylistic ST5112/11 have been refreshed. Powered by Intel® Centrino® Duo Mobile Technology, consumers can expect high performance with the latest Intel® 945GM Express Chipset and a DDR2 memory module when working on this sleek computer weighing only 1.6kg approximately, with battery life of up to 9 hours (with optional long-life battery pack).

The Stylistic ST5112 comes with a 12.1-inch transmissive screen ideal for indoor viewing. It produces a high contrast ratio and complements high definition graphic applications. Fitted with a 10.4-inch reflective screen, the Stylistic ST5111 is perfect for outdoor viewing. You can use it in bright daylight or dim indoor lighting without straining your eyes as the screen comes with a front light guide that can be switched on and off depending on your lighting environments.

For true convenience, both models are always ready for business. Upon returning to the office, simply place the Stylistic on the included docking station and you automatically transform your slate-based tablet PC into a fully functional work station, which is ready to handle just about anything.

Common features across Fujitsu’s tablet PC range

With an electromagnetic digitizer, as found on the LifeBook T4215 and the Stylistic ST5112/11, you can write directly on the screen with the accompanying stylus. Save time by taking down notes on the tablet PC directly and turning them into a Microsoft Word™ document instantaneously, or delight your friends with a personalized handwritten email.

Another unique feature found in all three tablet PC models is the innovative three-dimensional shock sensor utility (SSU) which is designed to decrease the risk of damage to the computer's hard disk drive in the event of excessive impact or vibration. Upon detection of imminent impact, the read-write head is safely parked, thereby eliminating the chance of it impacting the spinning hard disk plate. In addition, the SSU has the ability to improve the security of the notebook by automatically locking the notebook with a password whenever movement is detected, while conveniently offering full customizability to ensure this feature is only activated when truly appropriate.

And as you would expect from any Fujitsu computing companion, all three tablet PC models are designed with a superb and comprehensive range of security solutions for true peace of mind. Features include a BIOS lock, a HDD lock with two level password protection, a Stylistic lock socket to physically secure your computer, the Trusted Platform Module 1.2, a biometrically secure fingerprint sensor (not available on Stylistic ST5111), and a dedicated smartcard slot (not available on LifeBook P1610) to fully protect your valuable data.

Finally, in order to provide users with cutting edge technology the entire range of tablet PCs are Windows Vista™ ready and can be fully upgradeable to this much anticipated operating system.

Fujitsu remains firmly committed to the promotion of a cleaner environment, implementing the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive (RoHS) across our entire range of products, allowing Fujitsu to stay keenly focused on our customers’ health and well-being, embracing a healthier environment for all.

Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is the Asia Pacific Regional Headquarters for PC business of Fujitsu Limited, Japan. Its responsibilities include the marketing and sales of a wide range of personal computers for the corporate and end-user markets in the Asia Pacific.

Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific pledges “Built-in Confidence” for every product under its brand name to reassure users of product and service excellence. From high performance components to stringent quality control and professional after-sales service, Fujitsu stands for reliability and satisfaction.

Fujitsu is a leading provider of customer-focused IT and communications solutions for the global marketplace. Pace-setting technologies, highly reliable computing and telecommunications platforms, and a worldwide corps of systems and services experts uniquely position Fujitsu to deliver comprehensive solutions that open up infinite possibilities for its customers’ success. Fujitsu also makes every effort to ensure that our products are manufactured in a bid to promote environment conservation and protection. Headquartered in Tokyo, Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) reported consolidated revenues of about 4.8 trillion yen (US$40.6 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2006. See for further information.