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Welcome to the Fujitsu Asia SELECT Partner Program


Understanding. Commitment. Cooperation. These are all key attributes of a strong, successful partnership. And that's why they are the driving force behind the new Fujitsu Asia SELECT Partner Program.

Select Partner

Let's grow together


The SELECT Partner Program has been designed to deliver real value in straightforward way to our channel partners, who, as we are 100% committed to the channel, we rely upon to sell our products and take our messages to the market. The program makes working with Fujitsu Asia easier than ever before. It also helps end customers identify you as the most knowledgeable and competent partner for all their IT projects and investments.

But most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to grow your business, by supporting you in supplying state-of-the-art solutions to end customers - and rewarding you for working more closely with Fujitsu Asia. The program is designed to provide reliable, open, communicative and collaborative working atmosphere that helps ensure mutual success.

Program structure

The SELECT Partner Program has a very straightforward structure:

Partner level only requires registration on the Channel Partner Portal and documented sales of a Fujitsu product or solution within the last six months.

SELECT Partner
SELECT Partner level requires certification in Fujitsu Asia PRIMERGY products and the completion of a business profile.

Delivering Value


The SELECT Partner Program has been designed to deliver real value to resellers. It’s based on reliable support, open communication and a mutual commitment to growth. In particular, the program offers you the opportunity for:

Close cooperation
with a supplier who is 100% committed to the reseller channel – Fujitsu Asia’s success is depending upon yours, so your best interests are at the heart of the partnership.

Increased customer satisfaction
through easily identifiable, proven expertise and enhanced confidence in Fujitsu Asia solutions.

Enhanced skills
via exclusive access to expert knowledge and valuable resources, enabling solution delivery of Fujitsu Asia to end users.

More profitable business
from increased sales, and a range of benefits and incentive opportunities

Top five reasons to join the SELECT Partner Program

Top 5 Reasons

  1. Stronger, closer relationships
    Successful partnership is about people and trust. Membership of the SELECT Partner Program gives you access to support from people who know that your success is also theirs. And that means they have the best interests of your business at heart.
  2. Expert, professional training and certification
    We offer a free, comprehensive and flexible range of online and face-to-face training resources for certification on our PRIMERGY products. This makes certification faster and more convenient, and allows you to benefit from your SELECT Partner status sooner. Certification is required to become a SELECT Partner. Having a skilled sales floor and / or technical team also allows you to differentiate yourselves from other resellers and competitors.
  3. Comprehensive sales and marketing support
    SELECT Partners will also benefit from extensive sales and business development tools. Resources include: account management, pre-sales support, special logos, and joint-marketing activities. Any leads generated from marketing activity from Fujitsu Asia will also be placed with partners that we can trust – SELECT Partners!
  4. Outstanding technical resources
    SELECT Partner status also gives you access to variety of first-class technical resources.
  5. Exclusive rewards, bonuses and incentives
    Above all, becoming a SELECT Partner is about growth. You may be eligible for special incentives scheme, and rebates that reward you for establishing a successful long-term relationship with Fujitsu Asia.

Join now

Joining the SELECT Partner program as a new Partner is straightforward, and is the first step in building your long-term success with Fujitsu Asia.

The SELECT Partner Program is designed specifically to help you build your business with Fujitsu products. The program’s straightforward structure makes it as easy as possible for you to work with us. And a wide range of exclusive benefits reward your commitment to developing a long-term relationship with Fujitsu Asia. Not only that, you can rely on comprehensive support from professionals committed to our mutual success.

Register your interest today!

Please contact Shirley Tuan:

Mail Email:

Join Now



  • Documented sales of Fujitsu products within last six months
  • Use of the Partner logo
  • Regular e-newsletters
  • General product updates

SELECT Partner

SELECT Partner

Additional SELECT Partner requirements
  • Completion of business profile with Fujitsu Channel Sales Manager
  • Certification in our PRIMERGY product

Additional SELECT Partner benefits
  • Use of the SELECT Partner logo
  • Access to the Training & Certificate program
  • Access to the System Architect, the online product configurator
  • Channel Partner Portal
  • Sales support (account management, special pricing, bid desk, pre-sales)
  • Joint-marketing activities
  • Potential eligibility for Rebates
  • Potential participation in incentive programs that reward you for growing successfully with Fujitsu