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Mission Critical IA Server PRIMEQUEST

Mission Critical IA Server PRIMEQUEST 2000

The Mission Critical IA Server PRIMEQUEST provides high-end server functionality using superior Fujitsu technology, long cultivated and refined over generations of computer system development. It embodies the best characteristics of mainframe and UNIX server reliability, supercomputer high-performance, and the cost and flexibility benefits of open systems.

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[Press Release] February 18, 2014
Fujitsu Delivers New Levels of In-Memory Computing Performance and x86 Mission-Critical Uptime with PRIMEQUEST 2000 Series

SICOOB Case Study

SICOOB (Case Study)
Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST server was implemented into the data center to improve processing with fewer servers and facilitate consolidation and virtualization across the new platform.

Case Study : YONSEI UNIVERSITY Gangnam Severance Hospital

YONSEI UNIVERSITY Gangnam Severance Hospital (Case Study)
PRIMEQUEST 1800E2 enabled high performance OCS/EMR system One-stop Solution for 'Data Overload' and 'Downtime' through replacing OCS/EMR DB Server.

PRIMEQUEST Feature Story

The early detection and very fast switching provided by Fujitsu's PRIMECLUSTER software enables the highest in enterprise class system availability. With PRIMEQUEST this can be between servers, system boards or even individual virtual machines.