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FUJITSU Cloud Service K5

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How to start using K5

Currently, K5 is available only through sales channels. For customers who want to use K5, contact our sales or inquire using the inquiry form.


It is necessary to “Start K5 ” from the K5 Portal before using FUJITSU Cloud Service K5 (hereafter referred to as K5). Register from the K5 Portal.


When the registration is complete, "Contract number" (automatically specified by the system) and “User Name” (specified by the user) are issued from the K5 Portal.
Note: The contract number and user name to be entered in "FUJITSU Cloud Service K5 - Complete application".


If you agree with K5 Term of Use/ related Service Description, fill out all required items. sign the “FUJITSU Cloud Service K5 - Complete application", and submit it to the sales department at Fujitsu.
Note: To obtain an application form, contact the sales department at Fujitsu or the contact shown in Contact Us on the K5 top page.


Once the service provisioning is ready, we will notify "the first day of use" and send necessary information for using K5. This notification confirms that you can start using the K5 Portal.
Note: The time required until the service activation varies depending on the application status.