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Easy replacement and storage of cartridge tapes Magazine based loading and unloading

Tape cartridges are housed within a magazine system for loading and unloading each library.

ETERNUS LT20 S2 houses up to 8 tape cartridges in a compact 1U form factor with easy cartridge access via two removable magazines.

ETERNUS LT40 S2 houses up to 24 tape cartridges in a 2U form factor with the same easy access via two removable magazines.

ETERNUS LT60 S2 houses up to 48 tape cartridges in a 4U form factor with cartridge access via four removable magazines.

Each magazine can be released using either the Operator Control Panel (OCP) or the Remote Management Unit (RMU).

Then users can replace cartridges just by unloading the magazines from the front panel of each device.

Tape Magazine

Product Requirements

Supported Tape Libraries ETERNUS LT20/LT20 S2, LT40/LT40 S2, LT60/LT60 S2,
ETERNUS LT130, LT210, LT220, LT230

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