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  3. Cardinal House uses Hybrid IT with a flexible billing model to offer new games and services globally

Cardinal House uses Hybrid IT with a flexible billing model to offer new games and services globally

"Cardinal’s aim is to redefine the online lottery industry. Fujitsu gives us an end-to-end turnkey solution that no other company could provide, and this ready-built platform has delivered far greater results than we thought possible"

Paul Carroll, Managing Director, Cardinal House

The customer

Cardinal House Group (CHG) is a leading provider of Digital Lottery Solutions and Turnkey Management Services, offering online lottery platforms and a managed all-inclusive CRM and back office administration service.

The challenges

"Cardinal House Group (CHG) began its gaming business based on traditional inhouse, hard-coded servers. However, it knew there must be a more flexible and cost-effective way of hosting its services. The company decided a cloud-hosted option was required. CHG needed an experienced partner familiar with system modernization."

The solution

"Fujitsu built numerous Amazon Web Services environments in hybrid-IT fashion to manage workloads associated with the design of complex applications, an associated security model, billing management and the use of Amazon CloudFront, to provide a simple way to distribute content."

The benefit

  • Enables rapid worldwide expansion due to Fujitsu’s global reach
  • Flexible payment schedules provide instant scalability at low cost
  • New lotteries enjoy faster time-to-market
  • Collaborative co-creation has built a platform that can quickly and securely deploy new games, applications and services globally


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