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Fujitsu Cloud Professional Services

Fujitsu cloud professional services help you to explore and determine the business value that cloud can offer. Recognizing that organizations are at very different stages of moving towards cloud, Fujitsu actively helps you to create and navigate individual roadmaps to cloud adoption. We will help you explore and understand the changes and opportunities cloud brings; assess different cloud options be it private, public or hybrid clouds and make informed decisions; and develop a clear roadmap for harnessing cloud to drive significant business value.

We can help you answer questions such as: How does cloud impact my business and what are its potential benefits? What can and should go into the cloud, and when? Which cloud model is best suited to the applications I run? Is my business ready for cloud? What next steps should I be taking now?

Our cloud experts will provide an analysis of your needs, and through our collaborative teamwork approach, help you to create the right strategy to move your business forward.

It is very likely that hybrid models, comprised of a Private Cloud in your data center connected to the Trusted Cloud in the Fujitsu data center, will be typical and widespread in the future. If some IT services are provided internally while others are delivered externally from the cloud, the bridge between both is of critical importance. Fujitsu can provide this bridge with pre-tested and proven solutions.

Fujitsu Cloud Services