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Changing the Business Agenda with Digital Transformation

April 17, 2017
Rapid change in technology has caused a lot of opportunities for various businesses and industries. In a span of 10 years, a lot has changed even in a third world country like the Philippines. 
As organizations get more entrenched in the business benefits of newer technological currents like cloud computing, mobile, social, big data and the Internet of Things, they face the central issue of striking a balance between the many conflicting demands being placed on IT infrastructure.
Fujitsu believes that technology must put people in the center. Factors like how consumers work, how the world work, how customers’ affect their decision and purchase journey must be analyzed in such a way that all existing data can guide a company through using this information to their advantage. 
Fujitsu Ltd. Vice President International, Global Marketing Group, and Digital Business Platform Unit share with some of the Philippine media in his recent visit the company’s direction when it comes to technology.
New digital technology is becoming incorporated into the heart of business and society. Digital is not a single technology, rather a set of connected technologies such as cloud, mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and supporting security technologies. Digital technology can radically transform how the world works. It fundamentally changes an organization, how it operates and how it creates value. But through it all, Fujitsu has always believed that people should be at the center of technology. “We at Fujitsu studies how consumers work. How companies work. How our technology can help our customers be at par with the advances in technology” said Baty. 
“Digital transformation is the process of digitalizing a business and even basic services that are given by a government. Taking all technologies, services, software and hardware and getting them to work together will definitely provide a lot of changes. Digitalization impacts speed when what usually takes months now only takes days, even hours” said Baty. With the transformation of the digital landscape changing the way business is being done and adoption to digital systems becoming the norm, Fujitsu is entering its own bid through its digital business platform, but still with a “humancentric” approach in mind. The Philippines can definitely benefit from these advances in technology because the platform that Fujitsu creates serves solutions to human problems” added Baty. 
Baty ended the intimate interview with selected members of the press with what Fujitsu has in store. “We will be launching human-centric products that will augment our ever-changing society,” said Baty. 

Fujitsu remains true with our vision of “Shaping tomorrow with you”, and this is what guides us in developing our products and services.”

Date: 17 April, 2017