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Latest Articles

  • Super portables – Fujitsu LifeBook P5020
    Design: Its sophisticated sleek silver and black finish will appeal to business users. A longish LCD panel displays information such as battery level and hard disk activity. The panel can be viewed whether the screen is open or closed. The latchless spindle design is secure and convenient. You can toggle wireless connectivity manually with a dedicated switch. The modular bay enables the use of a battery to extend battery life.
  • Fujitsu DESKPOWER
    Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific has launched three new DESKPOWER desktop PCs for business and home users. The New DESKPOWER series – the E600, C600 and P300 – offers a range of performance and budget combinations to cater for the full spectrum of business needs, from basic PCs often used for large-scale deployments, to premium machines for specialized computing applications.
  • LOG ON WITH YOUR FINGERPRINT - Ultra-compact with Biometric Capability
    The LifeBook P7010 from Fujitsu offers everything a mobile corporate professional needs - design and performance packed in an ultra-compact machine.
  • Give this Notebook the Finger – Fujitsu LifeBook P7010 Ultra Portable Notebook
    The LifeBook P7010 is Fujitsu’s latest of their P series notebooks. The “P” model prefix denotes Fujitsu notebooks that are small and light, built for portability in mind. This doesn’t mean that the P7010 is crippled to favour size and weight, in fact, it as all the bells and whistles you see in much larger notebooks, and a feature you hardly see anywhere else – biometric security.
  • Fujitsu LifeBook B5010 (Pentium M 1GHz, 256MB RAM)
    Touted by Fujitsu as a notebook that offers the best of both worlds--easy portability and strong computing power--the LifeBook B5010 certainly looks very capable on paper. It's hard not to be impressed by its minimalist footprint which should relieve users from an aching shoulder. However, certain features like infrared which has come to be a default on Centrino machines are unforgivably missing from this setup.