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Fujitsu Cloud Services

Fujitsu Cloud Services

Fujitsu Cloud - the freedom to choose

Fujitsu’s Cloud portfolio offers everything you need to enable your cloud and Hybrid IT strategy. Our portfolio covers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) , Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) and is complemented with a wide range of professional management and enablement services, as well as cloud and hybrid IT integration with FUJITSU Cloud Services Management.

Fujitsu can help you bring together the cloud solutions and services that best match your operational and management needs, integrating these with your existing IT infrastructure. And our cloud professional services can rapidly and effortlessly close any gaps in your needs and redirect resources into activities that add value to your business.

Choose Fujitsu Cloud services, choose freedom without losing control.

Fujitsu Enterprise Cloud Service K5 With K5 you can do incredible things with Fujitsu Cloud Service K5.

K5 offers a single enterprise cloud platform to simplify digital business transformation

FUJITSU Cloud Software as a Service FUJITSU Cloud Software as a Service

Fujitsu offers a wide range of SaaS applications as subscription-based services – supported by implementation, customisation and integration services.

FUJITSU Cloud Services Management Cloud Integration Platform

Fujitsu reduces the cost and complexity of effectively managing a hybrid IT landscape of cloud alongside non-cloud systems.

Cloud Professional and Management Services Cloud Professional and Management Services

Fujitsu has implemented a broad range of services to help you transition to cloud and various management options to successfully meet the needs of your business.