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Technology & Business Solutions

Fujitsu Business Solutions helps companies and government departments who need to respond to the challenge of planning, delivering and operating IT in a complex and changing business environment.

Working with teams in both IT and business departments, we can deliver the best outcomes for your customers, employees and stakeholders. We do this by working with you to identify the most important business outcomes you need to deliver, then by helping to design the programmes of work that will impact the processes, people and technology to deliver those outcomes.

Sustainable ICT Solutions and Services Sustainability Solutions overview

Fujitsu’s Sustainability Consulting Services and Solutions help organisations to unlock the benefits of ICT in a way that drives both innovation and energy-efficiency while delivering significant long-term cost savings. We call this ‘sustainability-led innovation’ and it is about helping you create a better future for your business.

Sustainability Consulting Fujitsu Sustainability Consulting

IT organisations can take a leadership position in the drive towards Sustainability. Fujitsu’s Green IT offerings seek to align IT strategy with an organisations broader CSR goals, improve the efficiency of IT assets, reduce cost and ultimately drive down the greenhouse gas footprint.

End-User Computing Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand End User Computing

Increase the productivity of your business at a lower cost with Fujitsu’s End-User Computing solutions.

Security Solutions Dynamic Infrastructures

Discover more about Fujitsu's security solutions including PalmSecure and SecDocs.

Unified Communications Services Unified Communications

Unified Communications integrates various communication streams such as email, fax, instant messaging, voice, audio and conferencing and makes them accessible through a single integrated interface from the device of choice.

Virtualisation Services Virtualisation Services

Virtualisation is a technology that creates a layer of abstraction between hardware and software; between the computing, storage and network infrastructure and the operating systems and applications that use them.

Enterprise Content Management Woman_carrying_a_LIFEBOOK_T_and_standing_in_front_of_a_building_lpr

Organisations are challenged not just to manage vast stores of digital information, but also increasingly to use that information to achieve the maximum competitive advantage in the marketplace.