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Digital Media Services

Fujitsu Digital Media Services
Fujitsu Digital Media Solutions - Telentice

Digital Media introduces a smarter, more dynamic way of advertising to customers or communicating with staff

Leveraging Fujitsu’s TELentice™ system, a proven, robust technology, they enable you to easily schedule and send any combination of video, animation, text, audio and visuals directly to PCs, plasma screens, LCD screens, mobile phones, PDAs, Point-of-Sale displays, kiosks, ATMs or websites.

Digital Media Solutions are already being used in Australia and around the world by many different organisations to distribute video announcements, advertisements, promotions, news, educational material and information.

  • TransitVision Australia has secured real estate in Taxi’s across Australia and has engaged Fujitsu Digital Media Solutions to deliver an end to end service to execute timely, targeted execution of media, interaction and feedback
  • In Bangkok’s skytrain stations, a Fujitsu Digital Media Network enables almost 470,000 passengers a day to view announcements and advertisements on Fujitsu plasma display screens as they wait for trains
  • Viacom UK is using a Fujitsu Digital Media Network to engage with the nearly 3 million daily travellers in the London Underground through a system of more than 3,000 screens

For Businesses

The value of Digital Media Solutions is how targeted your message can be. You determine what is transmitted, to whom, when and where. Send price changes, parts availability, stock market information or breaking news and educational materials to your staff’s PDAs or display screens. Update the website at the same time.

For Advertisers, Banks, Transport and Retail Organisations

The success of Digital Media Solutions is in how cost-effective and measurable it is. Instead of paying for costly television advertising or wasteful direct mail campaigns, you can promote products and services to the Shelf or other targeted locations where it has the greatest impact and effectiveness in driving activation and influencing the customers buying decisions. The Digital Media Network offers a simple, cost-effective way of keeping your customers entertained and informed with continuously updated information that is easy to manage. Displays can be located at the airport, the station, the sporting venue, the bank, the health centre, the shopping centre – even right on the supermarket trolley. Once you have a Digital Media Solution in place, the system enables you to easily manage the content, scheduling and billings for third-party advertisers. True digital networks offer all the tools needed for you to create an ongoing revenue stream from advertising and promotional messages.

For Art Galleries, Exhibitions and Museums

Add a whole new dimension to the visitor’s experience with a Digital Media Solution. Now you can precisely time and display powerful 3D images with commentary, background information or upcoming news and events. Now the entire facility can offer easily programmable interactive displays with all the exhibit information residing on a single, easily programmable network. Update information daily from a set triggers that provide specific information based on the easy-to-set rules. Now one system can control all the multi-media displays in the facility offering scheduled information, interactive information, on-demand information and event based delivery.

Media In Action

Capturing the Audience

Bangkok’s fashionable sky-train stations now act as an information hub delivering dynamic, decision influencing messages to almost 470,000 daily passengers, thanks to TELentice™. Screens are connected via ADSL and integrated within an optical fibre cable network that provides a unique and evolutionary Digital Media Network. Centralised TELentice™ operation allows multimedia materials to be distributed to individual broadcast locations, along with daily, weekly, monthly or even quarterly play schedules.

In Transit Passenger Engagement and Entertainment

The system is designed for passenger engagement and entertainment on a touch screen placed between the front seats (above arm rest) facing toward rear passengers. The network will deliver interactive news, sports, local points of interest, sponsored messages to instant prize winnings. The Fujitsu digital media system TELentice will enable Transitvision to target to a specific geographical and demographic audience and most importantly measure campaign with Interactive advertising and even offer SMS M-vouchers for passengers to take away redeem in store. The system is delivered as a Fujitsu Digital Media Managed Service in which Fujitsu will operate, secure, schedule, and monitor the network.

Underground Engagement

The lifelines of London are dazzled with exciting motion and vivid colour, broadcasted directly from the Viacom-UK headquarters. Advertisements and video clips are displayed on head-turning digital escalator panels, jaw dropping tube-wall projections, and traffic stopping LCD displays throughout the stations covering 12 train lines and moving 2.7 million riders daily. The network of more than 3,000 screens is a collaborative effort between TELentice™ and Viacom-UK to produce the world’s single largest outdoor Digital Media Solution.

Technology on Display

The State Library Of Victoria uses Fujitsu’s TELentice™ system to control displays schedules and alter presentations to suit not just daytime exhibitions, but also out-of-hours events, such as corporate hospitality or even rock concerts. In addition to a 50” Fujitsu Plasma flat screen, they have multimedia and touch-screen kiosks, all of which are managed through TELentice™. Dazzling 3D animations have been displayed as well as videos, music and other media.

How does it work?

TELentice™ centrally stores and transmits digital media across IP (Internet Protocol) networks, including wireless, satellite and cellular. The system can be used to schedule and display any kind of digital multimedia – from an advertisement, to a slide show with commentary or an animation. Media elements you can transmit include:

  • Pre-cached digital media files – such as video, audio and still images
  • Live web content – including websites and streaming video
  • Live data streams – such as tickers and database queries
  • Analogue input – from TV tuners and DVD player

This can be transmitted to a wide range of PCs, plasma screens, LCD screens, mobile phones, PDAs, Point-of- Sale displays, kiosks, ATMs and websites. TELentice™ is extremely flexible: content can be modified or replaced by you at any time in response to changed conditions such as weather, delays in transport, stock fluctuations or price reductions.

How is it Implemented?

Fujitsu will work with you to plan and integrate a complete Digital Media Solution from the display(s) right through to integration with your network. As a world-leading provider of Digital Media Solutions, we have a depth of experience in designing and implementing TELentice™ across a wide range of companies with diverse portfolios, customers and corporate objectives.

We will provide a flexible end-to-end solution that is easy for you to manage centrally – regardless of whether you are sending information to one screen or thousands. You’ll find it simple to schedule material to play at specific times, on the screens you nominate and, if required, schedule and bill for it.

Award Winning Technology

Fujitsu’s TELentice™ is ISO Certified and developed right here in Australia. It has already been implemented at many sites around the world and has received many successful reviews and accolades including:

  • The Secrets of Australian IT Innovation Award 2002
  • Australian Consensus Software Award 2001

Telentice Enterprise

This is designed for organisations who want to manage large networks or generate revenue by transmitting multimedia content over a Digital Media Network (DMN). With this solution, you will be able to manage thousands of unique media channels, targeted by location, demographic and proximity of service. Major functions include network planning, pricing, client management, targeted booking, scheduling, distribution and auditing, enabled by the following modules:

  • Contact Management - Enables you to manage prospects, customers, their brands and products
  • Pricing - Supports different rates based on location, day, time, length and format of advertising
  • Content Management - Secures storage and management of all material
  • Booking - Allows ads to be booked based on screen location(s), day of week, time of day or customer demographic. The ad can be run on one screen or many
  • Schedule Generation - Automatically allocates booked ads as evenly as possible, inserts additional media in unused time slots and enforces non-competing rules to avoid running advertisements from similar vendors consecutively
  • Distribution- Automatically delivers schedules and advertising media to each location via satellite, Internet or wireless network
  • Display - Supports the display of MPEG streamed video, JPEG, Flash, Shockwave or HTML format
  • Billing and Output - Generates complete and detailed activity reports for billing and auditing purposes

Optional Enhancements

If required, the following modules can also be implemented in your solution:

  • MultiView - Enables split screen delivery of multiple media, such as the integration of live TV with advertising content and a news ticker on one screen
  • Monitor - Provides an up-to-the-minute snapshot of media channel delivery, network availability and display device status throughout the network
  • Magic - Enables the delivery of media based on user interactions with other applications (ATM, POS, Kiosks, etc). These interactions can be tailored to meet sophisticated marketing motivations and goals
  • AdHoc - Enables unplanned delivery of messages or media initiated centrally or at a venue level

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