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PalmSecure ID Access

Fujitsu PalmSecure is a robust biometric authentication system that uses vascular pattern technology for fast and convenient identification. Fujitsu PalmSecure is a hygienic, contactless solution that is user friendly and easily applicable to all users including children. ID Access provides enterprises with a superior authentication technology with highest convenience. Fujitsu ID Access is easy to integrate into existing hardware infrastructures – thus a perfect starting point for biometric authentication. Fujitsu PalmSecure ID Access covers all requirements for access control and time attendance. 
The support of interfaces like Wiegand 26/34 and Electric Lock/Exit Button/Alarm posititions this offering as the technology of choice for fast and easy-to-deploy biometric approaches.  
To meet multi-factor authentication requirements, the system can be integrated with other technologies to satisfy two-factor authentication. The system can be integrated with e.g. pin pad, proximity card and smart card technologies. 

Benefits of PalmSecure ID Match

  • Fast and easy introduction of biometrics – by easy and convenient integration in existing infrastructure
  • High security - as vein patterns are hidden under the skin, they never change and are detectable only when blood is flowing
  • High accuracy - as the palm vein patterns are very complex and provide up to more than 5 million reference points and they are insensitive to external factors like cold temperatures and skin scratches
  • High acceptance - as palm vein recognition is fast, easy and intuitive to use and very hygienic as it is contactless

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