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Encryption Key Management via the Tape Library

LTO Ultrium 4 and later LTO tape cartridges support AES(*Note 1) (256bit) encryption capability (*Note 2). This secures data even in cases of media theft or loss; by preventing unauthorized reading of the data contents.

The ETERNUS Tape Library encryption key management option provides this increased data security simply by use of Ultrium 4 and later tape drive technology and the setting of a single "master key" for each tape library.

Once data is ordered for backup by the backup server, the tape library automatically creates an encryption key and provides it to the target tape cartridge. Importantly, as the data can be encrypted and preserved in plain text, users don't need to be conscious of the fact that the data they are using is encrypted.

*Note 1: Encryption technology standard set by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and technology (NIST).
*Note 2: Ultrium 4 and later tape cartridges can be encrypted.

Encryption key management

This option enables enhanced data security without change to existing operations.

Encryption Key Management fig2

This option can also be used with configurations consisting of LT270 and LT250 Tape Libraries. Master keys are provided to each logical library. Encrypted/Unencrypted can be selected for each tape cartridge and each logical library.

Encryption Key Management fig3

Keys and encrypted tape cartridges can be shared as they are compatible across ETERNUS LT series tape libraries. This enables data to be shared between data centers and used for migration purposes.

Products Requirements

Supported Tape Libraries ETERNUS LT250, ETERNUS LT270/LT270 S2

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