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Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS DX600 S3 outperforms competition in the hybrid dual controller midrange class

August 1st, 2014

In the latest Storage Performance Council's (*Note 1) SPC Benchmark-1 (*Note 2), evaluating IOPS, $/IOPS and response times, Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS DX600 S3 has reigned supreme over all hybrid dual controller midrange storage systems (July 2014).

  • Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS DX600 S3 ran at more than 320,000 SPC-1 IOPS, the fastest SPC-1 result a dual controller mid-range class storage systems has achieved to date.
  • In addition Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS DX600 S3 offers an outstanding price performance ratio at $1.54/SPC-1 IOPS.

With this breath taking result ETERNUS DX600 S3 has proven to be the ideal system to serve data intensive applications such as demanding database systems, real time analytics and big data environments, online transaction scenarios with a high amount of users and all types of internet applications. IOPS performance directly influences the amount of virtual machines which can be hosted on a storage system enabling ETERNUS DX to constantly increase the VM density and to be an ideal storage consolidation platform for VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V usage. Furthermore a leading IOPS performance and sub-milliseconds response time deliver large headroom in areas where exponential data growth can be anticipated thus extending the lifetime of the system and reducing migration costs.

The benchmark has also shown that the hybrid system is capable of running a large amount of SSDs efficiently without creating internal bottlenecks in order to minimize latency. With a response time of only 0.61 milliseconds under full load it can cover a large share of high performance data application areas relieving many customers from investing in extremely expensive special purpose all-flash arrays

This is the 2nd benchmark record in row Fujitsu achieved with its unified ETERNUS DX systems after taking the lead in entry level systems with the ETERNUS DX200 S3 in December 2013. Both systems achieved the all-time-best response times ever measured under the conditions of the SPC-1.

The test results are published on the Storage Performance Council (SPC) web site as of the 25th of July 2014, and will be officially accepted after the 60-day peer review period. See referenced documents for complete benchmark results (Submission Identifier A00146);

The SPC-1 test program was achieved with only SSDs configured on the ETERNUS DX600 S3 system. SSDs were supplied through collaboration with HGST.

*Note 1 : Storage Performance Council
The Storage Performance Council (SPC) is a vendor-neutral standards body focused on the storage industry. It has created the first industry-standard performance benchmark targeted at the needs and concerns of the storage industry. SPC benchmarks provide a rigorous, audited and reliable measure of performance. SPC Benchmark-1, SPC-1, SPC-1 IOPS and SPC-1 Price-Performance are trademarks of the Storage Performance Council. icon-newwindow Fujitsu subscribes to SPC Benchmark testing as a valid and independent way for customers to judge performance results; icon-newwindow
*Note 2 : SPC Benchmark-1
SPC Benchmark-1 (SPC-1) test program is designed to simulate business critical applications processing many complex transactions. Pseudo-operational workloads of Online Transactions (OLTP), database operations, and mail systems, are recreated to measure random access read/write performance.

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