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FAS6200 Series

Scalability, availability and flexibility for your most demanding application needs

The NetApp FAS6200 series is an enterprise-class storage system combining powerful scalability, availability and flexibility. These systems help you confidently meet service levels, drive operational excellence and respond to future growth.
The FAS6200 series includes three performance points to create a solution that is right for today and tomorrow: FAS6220, FAS6250, and FAS6290. They are adaptable and ideal for business and technical applications as well as rapidly changing virtualized environments. These highly resilient systems deliver leading storage efficiency through the NetApp Unified Storage Architecture running Data ONTAP®, helping lower your costs. Plus, you can maximize productivity with the integrated suite of manageability software while saving on power, cooling, and floor space.

FAS6200 Series

Key featuresBenefits
Ready for demanding business applications
  • Combining powerful scalability, availability and flexibility
  • Enterprise-class storage on a petabyte scale with high performance and availability satisfies any need
  • Perfect choice for extensive virtualized environments, cloud deployments and enterprise applications with varied workloads
Industry-leading storage efficiency
  • Provides advanced storage efficiency, data protection and data management features across the NetApp unified storage architecture
  • This includes
    Thin Provisioning, Deduplication, RAID DP, Integrated Data Protection incl. Snapshots, Thin Replication, FlexClone and more
Availability for mission-critical applications
  • Designed for enterprise-class availability to meet very stringent requirements
  • High-availability features include Alternate Control Path (ACP), persistent NVRAM write logs and service processor
  • Combination of the FAS6200 series with MetroCluster solution ensures continuous data availability for distances of up to 100km. It provides transparent failover with protection against hardware power, network and environmental faults.
Flexibly expand into the future
  • Scaling to over 5 PB, the FAS6200 series has the flexibility to meet the varied evolving storage challenges
  • Extensive amounts of integrated, high-bandwidth connectivity for 10 GbE, 8 Gb FC, and 6 Gb SAS
  • Flexible, efficient storage infrastructure through multiprotocol data access over a shared network port

Model FAS2220 FAS2240 FAS3220 / FAS3250 FAS6220 / FAS6250 / FAS6290 FAS8020 / FAS8040 / FAS8060 V3200 Series / V6200 Series
Max. Capacity 180 TB 432 TB 1440 / 2160 TB 4800 / 5760 / 5760 TB 1920 / 2880 / 4800 TB Up to 2160 TB / 5760 TB per V-single system (depending on the external system)
Hard disks 60 144 480 / 720 1200 / 1440 / 1400 480 / 720 / 1200 Supports all disk technologies
Protols NFS, CIFS, iSCSI
Standard RAID levels + RAID DP