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  7. In combination with ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser software Investment Optimization by Automated Tiering

In combination with ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser software Investment Optimization by Automated Tiering

As a result of the introduction of a range of state laws and regulations governing data retention, and the needs of internal data audit requirements, the use of long-term data storage within organizations is increasing. One problem is the access frequency of older information typically decreases over time. But because of difficulties in managing such access status, there are many cases where information, that would be better handled on lower cost long-term storage, stays on more expensive high-performance storage systems.

Automated Tiering is a feature that monitors data access frequency in mixed environments that contain different storage classes and disk types. It then automatically relocates data to the most appropriate storage devices based on set data usage policies.
This can significantly reduce storage costs by locating infrequently used data on Nearline drive, which have large capacity but are less expensive. It can also improve response times of important information by locating frequently-accessed data on high-performance SSD.

Importantly it further reduces data management time and cost by its automated operation.

Furthermore, with ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser 16, ETERNUS DX deploys data with five-fold segmentalized blocks compares to conventional product and ensure high-speed processing and effective resource operation.
Server settings do not need to be changed after redistribution.


  • Reduces data management time and cost by automated operation.
  • Provides optimal performance at lower cost.
  • Operational data reallocation policies can be flexibly set to requirements.
  • Reallocations are performed without changes in server settings.
  • Data reallocation can be set based on the unit capacity of logical volumes.


Supported storage systems ETERNUS DX100 S3/DX200 S3
ETERNUS DX8700 S3/DX8900 S3
ETERNUS DX400 S2 series, DX8700 S2
Supported servers Mission-critical IA/UNIX/PC servers
Mission-critical software Mission-critical IA/UNIX/PC servers ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser 16