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End User Experience

Resource Center

This is the place to be to download white books and read articles and blogs about End User Experience. This page will be updated regularly, so check this page for the latest information.

Digital Workplace Evolution

Overview WB Workplace evolution

White book
Working at any location or any device requires a cloud-integrated workplace, which is potentially one of the key initiatives for businesses to modernize and innovate in the near future.

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Next Generation Service Desk

Overview brochure Servicedesk

White book
While the ‘walk-up’ service desk will always remain popular, automated service-desk processes will increasingly be adopted as part of an end-user-centric approach.

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10 tips for data protection

Overview top 10 tips

Tips & Tricks
Security is an integral part of the workplace and offers a balance between user experience and the protection of data and processes. Read our guide on data protection.

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Blog posts

From The Netherlands

  • The next step to a modern workplace
    Work is no longer tied to a specific place, for example an office building or a factory floor. Nor is it tied to specific working hours or even a specific device. The modern workplace is internet-centric and built around the user.
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  • This is the modern workplace
    In a world that is becoming increasingly connected, both office and field workers have all the information they need. Any time, anywhere and on any device.
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