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  6. Fujitsu is strengthening every aspect of its cloud portfolio to accelerate customer’s innovation

Fujitsu Declares Comprehensive, Global, Trusted Cloud Strategy

Fujitsu is strengthening every aspect of its cloud portfolio to accelerate customer’s innovation

July 11, 2013

Fujitsu today delivers the choice and integration support services that organizations need to keep pace with change, innovate their businesses, and navigate cloud complexity. Leveraging its ICT heritage and international presence, Fujitsu declares a global strategy and strengthens every aspect of its end-to-end portfolio of services and solutions for cloud. The company also introduces the concept of Cloud Integration, new offerings, and harmonized naming conventions.

Most business leaders agree that the cloud can help them address many challenges. It is also seen as a catalyst for business transformation, particularly in the era of social, mobile, and big data explosion. However, according to independent international research commissioned by Fujitsu, 59 percent of decision makers believe that decisions about cloud adoption are more complex and difficult in their company, based on their unique mix of corporate culture, organizational structures, geographic presence, infrastructure, processes, and other factors.

When it comes to cloud deployment, the majority of cloud decision makers reject the ‘do it yourself’ approach, instead preferring to utilize the resources and expertise of a trusted cloud partner. According to the research, 78 percent of decision makers want a provider to take end-to-end responsibility for part or all of their cloud implementation, while 74 percent of decision makers prefer cloud providers with experience in hardware and software solutions, and strong integration, consulting and managed services skills.

Fujitsu recognizes that cloud is intrinsically complex – one size does not fit all – and the FUJITSU Cloud Initiative offers business and IT leaders the choice and integration services that they are asking for. The new Cloud Integration concept combines consulting expertise and managed services to enable organizations to choose the right cloud options for them. It then is capable of integrating multiple cloud environments with their legacy systems, to deliver a seamless service to their customers and users.

Fujitsu is equipping itself to support customers wherever they are on their cloud journey, by building the broadest portfolio in the industry of IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and Cloud Integration Services. Building on a solid foundation of delivering robust and innovative ICT solutions and services, the company is now harmonizing and enhancing its cloud portfolio to provide on a global basis offerings that have been developed and proven in different regions around the world.

Highlights include:

  • FUJITSU Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5 (formerly known as Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform) is globally available, with additional capacity deployed over the last 12 months and a new dedicated service to be  available by the end of 2013.
  • FUJITSU Cloud IaaS Private Hosted (formerly called Local Cloud Platform) has been deployed into a number of new regions over the last 12 months with new functionality planned for FY2013 
  • FUJITSU Cloud PaaS RunMyProcess was announced in April 2013 as a major acquisition, with global rollout planned during the coming financial year. 
  • FUJITSU Cloud ITMaas is now globally available, delivering the world’s only unified approach to IT Management as a Service – in partnership with CA based on the Nimosft solution. 
  • FUJITSU Cloud BaaS was announced in December 2012 and is being rolled out globally, delivering cloud-based backup services for cloud and non-cloud systems – in partnership wth EVault. 
  • FUJITSU Cloud End User Protect is being announced later this month, delivering cloud based security services – in partnership with Symantec. 
  • FUJITSU Managed Infrastructure Service Managed Mobile has been available since 2009 and will see a major new release, with significant new functionality, later this financial year based on the Citrix XenMobile solution. 
  • FUJITSU Cloud Multi-cloud Environment Integrated Operations Service will extend the existing cloud managed services and is planned to be available in key markets later this financial year.

Supporting quotes
William Fellows, Research Vice President, 451 Group
"Fujitsu is one of only a handful of companies in the world with the heritage, skills, and proven end-to-end technology capability able to help companies navigate the inherent complexity of cloud. The company is taking extraordinary measures to innovate and deliver as a global Information and Communications Technology provider. This announcement is Fujitsu's first formal declaration of its comprehensive strategy for global cloud, and it is making operational and portfolio changes that are significant and could be far-reaching. Fujitsu is demonstrating a global coherence in both vision, capability and reach, which has not previously been such a key part of its DNA."

Alexander Michael, Director of Consulting, ICT, Frost & Sullivan
“IT decision-makers are realising that the cloud is not a one-off decision, but rather a journey which will lay a strong foundation for growth. Business leaders must develop comprehensive cloud solutions that meet a whole host of criteria, including a strategic roadmap to future revenue streams. The cloud partner selection is probably the most important decision of all. Eight out of ten cloud decision-makers that Frost & Sullivan engaged with say they would trust Fujitsu as a cloud development partner.”

Cameron McNaught, EVP, Solutions, International Business, Fujitsu
“Fujitsu has long recognized that cloud is complex. Organizations must balance short- and long-term objectives for cloud implementation to address their own unique mix of requirements. Fujitsu continues to work hard to maintain its growing reputation as a trusted cloud partner. Our focus has always been to offer the broadest choice of cloud services. Our newly launched Cloud Integration Services enable our clients to leverage multiple cloud environments in a coherent way, allowing them to more quickly and easily to innovate and modernize their ICT systems.”

Pricing and Availability
Many Fujitsu Cloud services are now available globally. Pricing is project-specific and varies by region. Customers and all interested parties can contact Fujitsu Direct Sales for more information.

Over Fujitsu

Fujitsu is wereldwijd leverancier van dynamische IT-infrastructuren, met 156.000 medewerkers die klanten in 100 landen lokaal ondersteunen. Fujitsu biedt een one stop shopping aanbod van gestandaardiseerde Fujitsu producten en diensten voor desktop en datacenter omgevingen. Op basis van de behoefte van de klant worden deze bouwstenen samengevoegd tot een bedrijfszekere IT-oplossing die past als maatwerk, zich snel kan aanpassen aan een wisselende capaciteitsbehoefte en desgewenst ook door Fujitsu gemanaged wordt. Het ontzorgen van de klant en het leveren van een maximale bijdrage aan zijn bedrijfsresultaat staan daarbij centraal.

Het hoofdkantoor van Fujitsu bevindt zich in Tokio. Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) rapporteerde een geconsolideerde omzet van 4.7 biljoen yen (US$41 miljard) voor het fiscale jaar 2016 dat eindigde op 31 maart 2016. Voor meer informatie:

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Date: 11 July, 2013