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Fujitsu’s Long Lifecycle Family Beats Technology Migration Deadlines

Long Lifecycle PCs, notebooks and workstation extend lifetime ensures ICT system continuity and availability for long-term projects

May 28, 2013

Fujitsu today announces a Long Lifecycle line of solutions aimed at taking the pressure off ICT Managers who are racing to complete corporate migrations to new operating systems. As new PC and notebook chipsets arrive on the market that are no longer compatible with legacy operating systems, so Fujitsu is providing a lifeline in terms of extended support and guaranteed future compatibility. 

With an estimated 40 percent of business users still on older operating systems[1], the arrival of new-generation computing technology is a ticking time bomb, since many corporate customers have built entire IT ecosystems around legacy operating systems, and the latest chipsets no longer support older OSes, nor are hardware drivers available. 

Fujitsu is addressing this issue directly with its new Long Lifecycle range of notebooks, PCs and workstations, guaranteeing the availability of backwards-compatible hardware until at least July 2015. The Long Lifecycle range of PCs, notebooks and workstations provide peace of mind for organizations of all sizes that are concerned about completing system migrations in the next 12 months2. 

Although compatibility with older systems is guaranteed, Fujitsu is providing up-to-date hardware based on the latest Intel Core processors as part of its Long Lifecycle offering, including two LIFEBOOK notebook models, two ESPRIMO PCs and a CELSIUS workstation, which ensures legacy support of PCI cards. The notebooks and workstation offer the same functionality and feature sets as current models, while the Long Lifecycle ESPRIMO PCs feature a new design and include selected components optimized for 24/7 operations and supporting an extended operating temperature range, of up to 40°C. 

The full range of Long Lifecycle products ship with Microsoft Windows 8 or Windows 7 and are optimized for system downgrades without compatibility conflicts. Customers who wish to downgrade must have the necessary licenses and media required to install Windows XP software. Along with Fujitsu Managed Workplace Services, which provides efficient and reliable management of both distributed and virtual IT workplaces as well as mobile devices, Fujitsu offers transition and transformation services to help migrate existing applications to more modern operating systems. 

Supporting quote

Jörg Hartmann, Vice President Workplace Systems Sales, Fujitsu Technology Solutions

“ICT Managers need products they can depend on; they can’t afford to change the ICT landscape every few years to keep up with software updates. At Fujitsu, we are focused on providing stable hardware, helping our customers meet their business goals regardless of what software and operating systems they have built their business on.”

Pricing and availability

The first of the Long Lifecycle models are available to order with immediate effect, with the full range available by the summer:

-  Fujitsu LIFEBOOK S752 Long Lifecycle (14-inch) and LIFEBOOK E752 Long Lifecycle (15-inch), orderable from July 2013

-  Fujitsu ESPRIMO P910-L Long Lifecycle orderable from June 2013 and ESPRIMO C910-L Long Lifecycle, orderable from August 2013

-  Fujitsu CELSIUS W520 Long Lifecycle, orderable from June 2013

Systems are guaranteed to be available until July 2015 across the CEMEA&I region. Prices vary by configuration and country.

Over Fujitsu

Fujitsu is wereldwijd leverancier van dynamische IT-infrastructuren, met 156.000 medewerkers die klanten in 100 landen lokaal ondersteunen. Fujitsu biedt een one stop shopping aanbod van gestandaardiseerde Fujitsu producten en diensten voor desktop en datacenter omgevingen. Op basis van de behoefte van de klant worden deze bouwstenen samengevoegd tot een bedrijfszekere IT-oplossing die past als maatwerk, zich snel kan aanpassen aan een wisselende capaciteitsbehoefte en desgewenst ook door Fujitsu gemanaged wordt. Het ontzorgen van de klant en het leveren van een maximale bijdrage aan zijn bedrijfsresultaat staan daarbij centraal.

Het hoofdkantoor van Fujitsu bevindt zich in Tokio. Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) rapporteerde een geconsolideerde omzet van 4.7 biljoen yen (US$41 miljard) voor het fiscale jaar 2016 dat eindigde op 31 maart 2016. Voor meer informatie:

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Date: 28 May, 2013