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  6. Fujitsu today announces general availability in Europe of the Fujitsu Eco Track, powerful cloud-based software that gives companies unique insights into their environmental footprint, as well as ensuring compliance with the new EU Energy Efficiency Directive.

Fujitsu Eco Track Gives Companies the Competitive Edge on Compliance

Fujitsu today announces general availability in Europe of the Fujitsu Eco Track, powerful cloud-based software that gives companies unique insights into their environmental footprint, as well as ensuring compliance with the new EU Energy Efficiency Directive.

March 05, 2013 Fujitsu sees the introduction of mandatory new energy audits as a major opportunity for companies to also better understand their potential to increase energy efficiency and take a major step towards lowering operating expenses, therefore increasing profitability. With the first European countries planning to pass laws later this year requiring companies to conduct energy audits, the launch of the Fujitsu Eco Track is a timely solution.

Companies looking for straightforward compliance with new energy audits are assisted through the information-gathering process by all five editions of the Fujitsu Eco Track, starting with the Standard edition. The software will be available from April 1 on the Fujitsu Cloud Store. An intuitive software interface provides a simple and straightforward guide to collecting all energy use information that will be required by the EU Energy Efficiency Directive.

Comprehensive insights into optimizing environmental and energy footprint
Once companies have gathered energy-use information, this can also be used to provide much more comprehensive insight into the optimization of full energy usage patterns, by helping to demystify operating costs and providing helpful insight into opportunities for optimization and savings1. The top-of-the-range, fully-featured Enterprise edition of Fujitsu Eco Track provides unlimited reporting capabilities covering the entire scope of environmental reporting.

According to IDC analyst Vernon Turner, organizations that have already put in place an environmental program that includes tracking of energy use tend to be better run companies than their competitors.

Built on Fujitsu’s heritage of supporting Japanese customers’ similar reporting requirements for more than 10 years, the Fujitsu Eco Track software is well-positioned to help European companies meet this new challenge. The software is easily able to capture all the information required to support the audit process and ensure compliance, saving companies both time and money. Fujitsu Eco Track also helps companies reduce energy costs and effectively plan for the future with total transparency on current energy-usage patterns, and provides the ability to pinpoint areas for potential improvement.

Running on the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform, Fujitsu Eco Track supports simultaneously selectable multiple languages, ISO norms and EU laws, ensuring companies are poised to easily demonstrate compliance and leverage tax breaks that may be available. In the first release, Fujitsu Eco Track software initially supports the simultaneous use of the English, Japanese and German languages in its graphical interface, with more European languages to follow.

Fujitsu also plans introducing support services for companies looking to optimize their environmental impact and energy efficiency, via qualified consulting partners. Furthermore, Fujitsu plans to offer implementation support services to partners and end customers. Further information is available online at

Supporting quote
Vernon Turner, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Infrastructure, Consumer, Network, Telecom and Sustainability Research at IDC
“Optimization leads to reduced expenses and this is a fundamental step towards companies becoming more competitive, more profitable, and better able to weather the ups and downs in the economy. Simply put, companies that embrace environmental efficiency are simply better-run than those that do not.”

Pricing and availability
Fujitsu is introducing five editions of Fujitsu Eco Track, available from April 1 on the Fujitsu Cloud Store first in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands. An ‘anytime’ upgrade policy with cost-free data migration enables companies to step up to a higher edition as required. Pricing starts at EUR 2500 per year for the entry-level Standard Edition and EUR 8000 for the Professional Edition.

Over Fujitsu

Fujitsu is wereldwijd leverancier van dynamische IT-infrastructuren, met 156.000 medewerkers die klanten in 100 landen lokaal ondersteunen. Fujitsu biedt een one stop shopping aanbod van gestandaardiseerde Fujitsu producten en diensten voor desktop en datacenter omgevingen. Op basis van de behoefte van de klant worden deze bouwstenen samengevoegd tot een bedrijfszekere IT-oplossing die past als maatwerk, zich snel kan aanpassen aan een wisselende capaciteitsbehoefte en desgewenst ook door Fujitsu gemanaged wordt. Het ontzorgen van de klant en het leveren van een maximale bijdrage aan zijn bedrijfsresultaat staan daarbij centraal.

Het hoofdkantoor van Fujitsu bevindt zich in Tokio. Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) rapporteerde een geconsolideerde omzet van 4.7 biljoen yen (US$41 miljard) voor het fiscale jaar 2016 dat eindigde op 31 maart 2016. Voor meer informatie:

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Date: 05 March, 2013