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Stahl Specialty Company

Top US Foundry Forges US Partnership

Company Profile

Founded in 1946 by Glen Stahl. Stahl Specialty Company manufactures aluminum castings, which it supplies to customers throughout the world. The company has two factories in Missouri covering around 5000,000 square feet, and it has about 1000 employees. Stahl is recognized in the industry as the leader in the tilt/pour process and its principal customers are household names such as General Motors, Chrysler, John Deere, Caterpillar, Marley and Bosch. In 2000, the company merged with Waupaca Foundry – a leading ductile and gray iron foundry with five plants in the US. This joint operation has enabled the company to diversify into other areas of metal casting and to broaden its customer base.

Islands of Information

Over the years, Stahl's IT team had developed numerous programs to meet the information needs of different departments."As a result, we had a lot of information,' sys Jack Moore, the President of Stahl Specialty."But it was all disconnected. If we wanted to generate a business report, it took a tremendous amount of effort to put this disconnected information back together. We had to get rid of these islands of information and I challenged our people to do that.

Stahl's IS manager, Ken McAninch, is one of those responsible for formulating and implementing IT strategy."We knew we wanted to feed information into a centralized database, so we put the various options to the MIS steering Committee. This committee is a group of senior managers that help determine our IT direction. This is a very good approach because we get top down commitment. It's made it very easy to implement all of the systems we have in place.'

The committee spent a long time evaluating different packages before selecting Glovia. They were looking for a totally integrated system that would help them to manage their inventory and support all their management, procurement and accounting functions.

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  • Manufacturing

Offering Groups:

  • Software

Solution Areas:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning


  • United States


  • Needed way to connect"islands" of information
  • Needed integrated system to manage inventory, support management, procurement and accounting functions


  • All the company's information is now on a single database.
  • Managers now have the tools to better manage their departments.
  • Provides complete and accurate breakdown of production costs
  • Accounting can close the books faster.