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Laos – Ministry of Health

Laos HospitalThe mountainous, heavily forested nation of Laos faces many challenges in the delivery of healthcare. Doctors in remote areas often lack the expertise to treat their patients – especially those with serious conditions. As a result, many patients are flown to the national capital so that experienced doctors can make an accurate diagnosis and commence the appropriate treatment. This is obviously not an ideal situation for the patients and their families and it places a heavy burden on the national healthcare budget.

"This is a historic and very important event in introducing new technology into the healthcare system. This will cut the costs involved in transferring patients to the capital… Doctors will also be able to continually improve their skills without having to wait for training courses to be organized centrally." Dr. Eksavang Vongvichith, Minister of Health, Lao People's Democratic Republic

Download the Laos – Ministry of Health case study (242 KB)