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TomTom Business Solutions securely navigates through rapid growth with ETERNUS DX

"During our extensive benchmark tests, we noticed vast differences in the levels of performance achieved with various vendors systems. Fujitsu delivers consistently impressive performance, and the best complete package with the ETERNUS DX8400."

Michael Oehme Director of IT, TomTom Business Solutions

The Technology heart of TomTom beats strong in Leipzig

Why does the Dutch provider of navigation technology have two of its nearly 20 data centers in Leipzig? This is not the first time that Michael Oehme, Director of IT at TomTom Business Solutions is asked this question. The answer is simple: The roots of the fleet management solution from TomTom have their origin in the acquisition of the datafactory AG. Since being acquired by TomTom, the software development and system operations have been continually expanded. Thus the core technological competencies of TomTom fleet management have been settled in Leipzig. More than 15,000 customers* rely on the fact that nothing is allowed to interfere with the around-the-clock, 365 days a year operation. A cornerstone of this trust since recently carries the name Fujitsu, since they delivered two ETERNUS DX8400 storage subsystems to TomTom business solutions. Two advantageous aspects of the storage subsystems were the continual top benchmark tests, and the expertise of the project implementation teams.

Mountains of data every minute from more than 175,000* »Connected Navigation Devices«

The volumes of data that TomTom Business Solutions processes on a daily basis is more than impressive, as more than 175,000* commercial vehicles transmit every minute, mountains of data from their »Connected Navigation Devices«. They transmit status information, position, data from digital tachographs, fuel consumption rates, order data and other information, while providing exact arrival schedules in real-time. More than 70 million messages every day are immediately processed in this manner, because customer dispatchers and fleet managers demand real-time information for managing their fleets. Two data centers in Leipzig, which TomTom certifies as »World Class« in terms of performance, reliability and security, ensure these demands are met. A look behind the scenes of the server, storage and network infrastructure confirms this assessment, as both data centers meet the highest industry standards and work in an active-active operation, which is made possible by the networking of multiple redundant Gigabit connections.
*) These and all other figures represent information available as of 12/2011.


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