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Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe (FSEU) receives award for its HR activities

Careers with FSEU

The results of the BestPers Competition have, yet again, honored FSEU's professional Human Resources work. The BestPers study is conducted by the Institute for Management Competency (imk) of Saarland University. The standards are very high - the certificate is only awarded to those who meet strict criteria in ten assessment categories: strategy & vision; personnel recruitment; personnel development; leadership & communication; remuneration; human capital management; computerization; family friendliness; diversity; and sustainability.

Participants of this competition are small & medium-sized companies of up to 5.000 employees of different industries. This year, 32 winners were prized nationwide. FSEU is listed among the TOP10 companies in nine out of the ten categories. Explicit honors were conferred to FSEU for its Recruitment, its Human Capital Management (rank 3) and its Strategy & Vision (rank 2). For Leadership & Communication, FSEU even won the outstanding first prize.

BestPers award 2011 from left to right: Reiner Straub (Haufe-Lexware), Dr. Stefanie Müller (imk/ Saarland University), Sonja Morrison (FSEU), Jan Rödiger (FSEU), Prof. Dr. Volker Stein (imk/ Saarland University)

The committee particularly appreciated FSEU's transparent and speedy way to communicate important business decisions to all staff members. "We have learnt that communication is the key, not only to an excellent company culture, but also to work morale and motivation. We have hence implemented intranet channels, an employee magazine and regular management talks which are held in our headquarters, also including all offices via web conference.", says the FSEU representative.

See also Pressemeldung BestPers Award, 17.11.2011 (79 KB) (German).