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Excellent HR: FSEU receives BestPers Award

Careers with FSEU

In 2007 FSEU participated - for the first time - in the BestPers Competition and has already been awarded the BestPers Certificate for its outstanding achievements in the field of personnel management. The annual award honors the HR activities of small and midsize enterprises, the winner being decided by a jury of prominent experts from the "Institut für Managementkompetenz" (IMK), University of Saarland. The BestPers certification is based on a study of personnel management in companies and organizations with between 20 and 5,000 employees.

The jury and the Advisory Committee considered ten categories in their assessment: strategy and vision; personnel recruitment; personnel deployment; personnel development; personnel management; work-life balance; communications; wages and salaries; computerization; and future prospects.

BestPers award 2007

In addition to the BestPers Certificate, FSEU was listed among the TOP10 companies in 3 of the above mentioned categories. In computerization FSEU achieved rank 3 of all companies. The BestPers Award was handed over during the CeBIT where FSEU presented their HR Systems to the audience of the HR Forum.