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Management on a Mission

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Axel Tripkewitz - Vice President HR & Corporate Services, Compliance Officer Commitment to Europe (Axel Tripkewitz – President)
"Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe’s activities include semiconductor products, systems solutions, software and other support services, making it ideally positioned to offer value-added service, design and solutions to key European markets"

Dr Alexander Genz Global Player (Dr. Alexander Genz – Director Corporate Services)
"Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe develops and supports value-added solutions by focusing on markets where Europe leads by innovation. As a global player, our integrated solutions approach is underscored by innovative semiconductor devices and IP, backed by increasing Europe-based design, software and application support"

Uwe Püsche - Director Sales & Supply Chain Customer Orientation (Uwe Püsche – Senior Director Sales & Marketing)
"Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe’s mission is to fully satisfy customers by providing them with ‘Right-Sized Solutions’. We regard customers as our number one asset and everything we do is aimed at building mutually successful relationships. We endeavour to provide a highly responsive service at all points of contact and gain a deep understanding of customers’ and end-customers’ needs in order to generate sustainable value-add and competitive advantage"

Gudrun Schneider-Daubner – Director Supply Chain Company Culture (Gudrun Schneider-Daubner – Director Supply Chain)
"Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe’s culture is grounded in integrity, openness and realism. We adopt a down-to-earth approach, which takes an objective view of the benefits that technology can offer. Design and engineering teams across Europe, as well as Japan, work together and share experiences and best practice to benefit customers in Europe and around the world. Long-term partnerships are encouraged. Customer-focused attitudes are developed. Promises are delivered"

Rainer Hagmaier - Senior Director Finance Profitability & Growth (Rainer Hagmaier – Senior Director Finance)
"At Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe our objective is to generate optimal levels of profitability and growth to allow us to re-invest locally in people skills, technology and infrastructure; investment to ensure our customers’ continuing success"

Developing Employees
"The key element of our success is our people. The company encourages advancement through comprehensive training and development programmes for individuals, work groups and business units. These range from technical education to team-building and interpersonal skills. Our people’s training and development needs are regularly assessed, reviewed and aligned to goals set by the company as a whole"