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Systems Engineering

Pre-Sales Support

Pre-Sales Support: Introduction

  • Presentation on systems' features based on Fujitsu's product range
  • System set-up to demonstrate systems' features
  • Provide technical consultancy on engineering matters such as systems compatibility and integration
  • Resolution of engineering problems which may arise
  • Price quotation on new and existing systems
  • Prepare and submit tender responses

After-Sales Support : Introduction

In Systems Engineering FTA performs tasks such as Project Management, Systems Design, Systems Consultancy and Field Trials.

Project Management FTA plans and monitors the implementation activities conducted by our customers e.g. implementation of SDH systems. During this process we generate Bill of Quantity for each system for the customers. The customer will place the order based on the Bill of Quantity. The equipment delivery schedules for each project are also monitored and negotiated with the customers.

Systems Design FTA receives requirements from the customers and thereby advise our customers what system to use based on the network designs generated by FTA engineers. FTA also designs the total network requirements after receiving the customers’ specifications.

Systems Consultancy we discuss and advise customers on the new features which are implemented in the forthcoming system software upgrade.

As required by FTA's customers, FTA will conduct Field Trials to demonstrate that the systems operate in accordance to specifications, verify that the systems are stable and test the systems are compatible with those from third party supplier.