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Business Applications

Integrated Computer Aided Design (ICAD)

ICAD/MX (Integrated Computer Aided Design) is a mid-range product offering both solid modeling and production and detail drawings as a single fully integrated product.


i-Flow is the leading BPM solution for managing dynamic business processes. i-Flow manages business processes, which results in improved productivity, cost reduction, and increased profitability. i-Flow enables businesses to react quickly to customer needs, changed market requirements, and competitive challenges. Enterprises around the globe have chosen the award-winning i-Flow to streamline and optimize their operations, while providing the flexibility that today’s business and technology environments demand.

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Workflow programs improve productivity by simplifying processes and cutting the time needed to forward jobs form person to person. It is not too hard to device a workflow plan to automate routine activities like reimbursing travel expenses or approving purchase orders. There are plenty of workflow products that can do that – including TeamWARE Flow.

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PRODocumal - Document Management Fujitsu Interstage

The PRODocumal series offers a powerful solution for all your document management needs. It caters for mid and large size corporations with an ambition to realize paperless document creation and distribution.