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Going green, Saving the environment

Although many companies view environmentalism as a luxury rather than a necessity, here's an electronic giant that thinks otherwise

Article is written by Chuah Khai Lin. Reproduced courtesy of AboutWe Pte Ltd

A leader in the IT industry, Fujitsu is harnessing its technologies and creativity to contribute to sustainable development. Fujitsu attaches great importance to the environmental compatibility of its products. This end-toend strategy spans the entire lifecycle of the products, from development to the selection of materials and production, right through to recycling.

"Preserving the Earth is among the most pressing issues faced by the human race. We at Fujitsu are practicing environmental management in our day-to-day operations because we feel that responding to environmental issues is a prerequisite for management. I firmly believe that the essence of environmental management boils down to actions taken by individual employees who are aware of their responsibilities as citizens of Earth" stressed Mr Naoyuki Akikusa, Chairman of Fujitsu Ltd, in one of his key speeches.

Based on the principle of "Manufacturing in Harmony with Nature’, Fujitsu has been actively pursuing environmental activities since its establishment. Their environmental programmes include the establishment of zero-emission plants, the creation of eco-friendly products, introduction of environmental technologies, implementation of an environmental management system and environmental accounting.

Environmental Certification ISO 14001
Fujitsu has also implemented an environmental management system in compliance with ISO 14001 as the basis for all of its business operation. In March 2004, Fujitsu’s corporate office as well as the Sales and Soft Service division were given the ISO14001 certification. This entire ISO certification activity involved about 48,000 employees, making it Japan’s largest single ISO certification.