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  6. FUJITSU Image Scanner fi Series

FUJITSU Image Scanner fi Series

Workgroup Scanners Workgroup Scanners

Fujitsu Workgroup Scanners는 업계 최고의 데스크탑 프로세싱을 제공하여 신뢰성을 선도합니다.

Departmental Scanners Departmental Scanners

Departmental Scanners from Fujitsu support the larger organization with state-of-the-art document imaging solutions.

Production Scanners Production Scanners

For maximum throughput, image quality, and speed, turn to Fujitsu’s Production Scanners.

Scanning Software Scanning Software

Maximize the potential of your Fujitsu scanner with digital imaging software

Network Scanners fi-series-top-network

Compact and efficient, Fujitsu’s network scanners provide maximum performance with minimum footprint.

Discontinued Scanners