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Technology solutions

Through the technology and services we provide, together with our customers, we are contributing to the realization of the coming smart society. Through our excellent technology and our support, we realize products that support a smart society.


Ultra-Low Power Technology

In order to achieve the ultra-low power consumption that is necessary for mobile and wearable devices, we developed the “DDC” technology. “DDC” is a technology having transistors that can operate at ultra-low voltage and ultra-low leak transistors. These transistors adopt a structure that is different from conventional CMOS in order to achieve ultra-low power consumption. As a result, the “C55DDC” achieves a reduction in power consumption of approximately 50% at the same operating speed when compared to the “LP” . Furthermore the leakage current of the ultra-low leak transistors has been decreased to pico-ampere levels, and even to femto-ampere levels. With the “DDC technology” we provide low power solutions meet our customers’ various needs. Our company is the first in the world to manufacture these ultra-low voltage and ultra-low leak transistors, and we are the only foundry mass-producing such products.

Plug-In Flash

Our company is currently developing a new proprietary embedded Flash technology that can maintain library compatibilities with baseline logic process at moderate cost adder. We call this Plug-in Flash as it enables eFlash addition to pure-logic devices without re-design and we believe it is suited for consumer application especially IoT/Wearable devices. Our customers can select Plug-in Flash or conventional Automotive grade flash based on their needs.


Wireless communication is a key word in the rapidly progressing IoT society. Our ULP/LP technology comes with PDK and the devices necessary for RF design (such as varactors, inductors, and MOM/MIM capacitors), allowing us to provide optimal RF solutions to our customers.

Technology Lineup

Technology Lineup


Based on the needs of our customers, we can customize our superior CMOS technology in a flexible manner such as like process optimization and device target shift, and etc.

Customer Support

In our fab, we have been developing and manufacturing LSIs for over 30 years. Utilizing our wealthy experience and accumulated knowledge, we provide careful_and swift support to our customers from design to manufacturing.